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What's your favorite thrilling Cal football victory?

What an exciting come from behind win against Arizona State! What was the most dramatic Cal football victory you've ever watched, and where would you rank ASU 2015?

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

KWBears: The 2003 home win against U$C takes the cake for me.  If not for anything else but to beat the mighty Trojans!  This ASU win gets close to that U$C win, but not quite there because the stakes were way lower in this game.

LeonPowe: Nothing's ever going to really top Cal/Oregon 1993. I don't know - it was weird. . . I was oddly confident when the Cal defense kept stoning the ASU offense at the 10 yard line. I even said "field goal range - right where we want them" - and the ball in Goff's hands for the final drive? I was 85% sure we were going to win.

Off the top of my head - and I'm only going to count games I was at because games like last year and this year against WSU and Texas - so stressful when at home in front of a computer. It's definitely a top 5 game I've seen in person. It's also probably behind the Insight Bowl. But it ranks ahead of the 13-12 Cal OSU victory in 1995 which was the least exciting dramatic game ever.

Nik Jam: The Big Game in 2009 is the best I've ever attended, because of the stakes, and the way most expected us to lose.

Saturday's game was incredible. It was great to see the team so excited and jubilant. Still, there wasn't that many stakes to think too highly of the win. Had we lost, I doubt I'd have been that depressed about it. I'd rank it above last year's double overtime win over Colorado, which felt very similar, just because there was no "holy crap we almost lost to COLORADO" feeling.

Unfortunately I haven't been around to see that many other "dramatic" wins, most of the wins I saw a student (2009-2011) and as an alum were blowout wins. The last two Wazzu games, Arizona 09, Oregon 07 (that one as a regular fan, before I was a student) are other notable ones, but the Top 3 for me as a student/alumni fan are the three mentioned in the first two paragraphs.

boomtho: Most exciting game I've seen in person was Texas, this year. It would have been slightly sweeter had the fans in Austin been jerks, but everyone was so kind and hospitable to us the whole weekend, we probably didn't celebrate as much as we normally would have.

Another one that comes to mind is Oregon 2007. Obviously that season didn't end the way anyone wanted it to, but forcing a fumble with 20 seconds left to secure a road win vs a top-15 team is a pretty damn dramatic win!

ASU 2015 is up there, I guess - but given the game really had 0 consequences (didn't even affect the tenor of CGB comments!) - it's hard to put it too high.

ragnarok: Yeah, both Oregon 2007 and USC 2003 were quite a bit more dramatic than the ASU game, if only because of the heightened stakes of both of those games (especially Oregon 2007). The ASU win felt a little bit more on the level of the 52-49 victory over Virginia Tech in the 2003 Insight Bowl -- a high scoring game with an exciting, dramatic finish where you just kinda felt the winner would be whoever had the ball last, but ultimately not very meaningful outside of that win.