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California Golden Bears podcast: Listen to Episode 16 of the CGBearcast

Listen to episode 16 of the Bearcast here

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the 16th episode of the Bearcast for your listening pleasure. On this award winning podcast that's never won an award, we talked about:

  • The past week of basketball games against Incarnate Word and St. Mary's
  • A regular season recap of the football season
  • Our picks for (non-Goff) player of the year
  • Which position groups we think played the best and which need improvement
  • About the whole Sonny situation and who should get more money
  • The women's basketball victory on Saturday and the atmosphere at Haas
  • And much more

Anyhow, take a listen, rate us on iTunes, and send us stuff that you want to hear on twitter at @rob11hwang and @tracetravers3. Go Bears!