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Tony Franklin will not be going to Texas; Cal now has to decide on assistant raises

How will the new money be distributed?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Cal offensive coordinator Tony Franklin is not going to Austin. After being initially rebuffed, The Texas Longhorns doubled down, went back to Tulsa, and gave Sterlin Gilbert the king's ransom to be their new playcaller. Tulsa is known for their explosive offenses, so that is something to worry about come September when Texas comes to Berkeley for the team's home opener.

Now it's up to Cal to decide how they allot money to Franklin. It's clear that he is becoming a hot commodity. Franklin's offense helped lift the Bears out of the doldrums, and his development of Jared Goff was critical in that turn.

Currently, Franklin makes just about half a million a year as Cal's offensive coordinator, and additional money has been allotted by Cal to make sure all of the assistants stays at Berkeley long-term. The question, is how much more money does Franklin deserve? Cal defensive coordinator Art Kaufman also needs to be paid. And the Bears will almost definitely have to give a good number of their assistants raises if they want to retain the entire staff.

What will be enough to keep Franklin? What are your thoughts on assistant money?