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Instareact: Cal Wins 63-59 over St. Mary's

That's one way to win, discuss stuff below

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Cal wins, which is better than losing. Share your thoughts below!

First, Randy Bennett and Joe Rahon:

"When Brown gets loose in transition, he becomes a much better player"-Bennett on what he thought Cal does well

"Great crowd, great game. Thanks to Cuonzo for scheduling the game."- Bennett

"Good teams win a lot of close games. Great teams don't play many" - Bennett

"We don't really think about it. This was the next game on our schedule and we were looking forward to it...we didn't get it done tonight"- Rahon on whether they felt this game could've elevated them

"This game will help when we have to go to Gonzaga and BYU" - Rahon

Next, Bird and Rabb:

On confidence

JB: "We didn't necessarily talk about it in the huddle, but I got my feet set, Ty made a great play and I got it."

"My teammates always believe in me and tell me to shoot the ball"

Emotional difference between winning and losing

JB: "I wouldn't be happy at all (laughs)...for them to come into our house and play us tough speaks to how good they are."

IR:"We came together...we had a meeting to discuss what was going wrong...we played better, and that's what you've got to do to win."

"Had a player's only meeting, then went to the coaches after..."

Learning how to win close:

IR: "The coaches put us in the position to win these games...ran a play that we've practiced to end the game, and we ran it to perfection..."

On the crowd:

JB: "We feed off the crowd...want it to be like that every night."

On losing confidence

"Coach tells me every day, you're a shooter, be a shooter"

On the shot going in:

JB: "I wouldn't have shot it if I didn't think it was going in. It felt good."

Next, Cuonzo Martin:

"We knew they would make shots, they are the #1 three point shooting team in the country."

"This team won't be about talent, in most cases talent isn't enough. "

Encouraging Jabari and seeing him deliver:

"Mathews can shoot the ball, Jabari can shoot the ball, no reason they shouldn't be 50% 3 pt shooters. They aren't because they have developed other parts of their game."

On playing St. Mary's more

"You talk about quality of opponent...I think we need to (play them more)"

"Not surprised (they haven't played in 11 years)"

Losing leads:

"I don't think it's taking foot off the gas, it's just breakdowns...Can't let your offense be affected by that."

Making a point of denying Naar

"Gotta give Jordan a lot of credit, told him that Naar's best in the country (at shooting the 3)...took pride in stopping him."