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Cal bowl practice notes: Sonny Dykes never thought he'd leave; A chat with Vic Enwere

Practice? We talking bout practice?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I had a chance to stop by Cal's open practice for the Armed Forces Bowl. It was a very slow and short practice with basic walkthroughs and gameflow so basically it was activities that we can't report on.

BUT I talked to RB Vic Enwere! Here's what he had to say!

Vic Enwere:

Q: You started off early in the season against Texas and now going back to Texas to play Air Force. How does it feel going back to play at home twice this year?

A: It feels great. Playing in front of my friends and family twice in one year. Didn't expect that. Its great finally getting that opportunity. That opportunity that we worked for.

Q: Whats the feeling in the locker room going into this first bowl game for a lot of guys?

A: Everyone's excited. These are the best practices. This is the best time of year to see the fruits of your labor. Be able to enjoy the time with the guys and also the guys that are leaving whether that be the League or Fortune 500 companies.

Q: With the off-season coming up and Lasco graduating, there seems to be a little less of a log jam at RB. What do you hope to improve on over the summer?

A: Personally I want to improve on everything. I want to get stronger. I want to get alot faster. To be more flexible. Add more endurance. And focus on being more pivotal in the pass game. I caught some balls this year, and I want to continue to improve that number. Pass protection too.

Q: How do you manage the excitement of the bowl game and putting your head down and grinding through finals?

A: You just get in there and do what you got to do. Before this practice I was in a review session. I hopped out of the review session at 2. Practice started at 2. Got dressed and jumped right in [to practice]. I mean, we're student-atheletes and sometimes class comes first, and we go and knock out our work and we come and do what we do [on the field]. I mean it kind of blends together.

Q: We follow you guys on twitter and it seems you guys are trying to teach Coach Dykes how to dance. How's that going so far?

A: It's not going well, it's not. He has a lot more to do, a lot more to learn. Hopefully soon we'll teach him the money dance, celebrating him signing the new contract. But we'll work on it. It was a spur of the moment and he might need to go back to Dance Dance Revolution and learn a little bit. Going to have to take him to the drawing board and re-do that.

Coach Sonny Dykes:

  • On interviews: "There was a lot of speculation. I wont comment any further, but a lot of things were said."
  • On Treggs/Davis/Lasco: "We've had two weeks off. It's allowed our guys to get healthy."
  • On Air Force: "We've been on the road recruiting. Its good to be back and we'll turn our attention to Air Force and the bowl game this weekend."
  • On Recruiting: "It's a long time between now and February. We just got to keep building the class until February then work during Spring Ball."

"I'm excited about being here in the future and what we're building and where this thing is headed," Dykes said. "It's good to get that behind me and move forward. I'm always uncomfortable about these things, because this is always about the players, and I don't ever want to do anything that's going to take anything away from those guys. So I'm glad to have it over with, and I'm ready to move on."

Even though negotiations dragged on for more than a month, Dykes said he never doubted that he would remain at Cal, something he maintained he always wanted to do.

"It was going to get done," he said. "It was just a matter of working through some things."

So the off-season work has semi-officially begun! It's a long time to December 29th and then February, but keep posted to California Golden Blogs to stay up-to-date with Cal Football news!

An Apology to our readers: I had interviewed Freshman DB Trey Turner as well, but the audio file did not save itself properly, so I was unable to transcribe the interview. I'll be sure to talk to him and some others next week for some better quotes!