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Texas offensive coordinator job still open; will Cal have to give Tony Franklin a big raise?


Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

So it looked like the Texas Longhorns found their offensive coordinator in Tulsa offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert. Whoops!

But never underestimate the power of dysfunction in Austin. After a report that he took it, then another report that he had second thoughts, then a few more reports that he accepted the job, Gilbert has turned his back on a massive raise with the Longhorns and will stick with Tulsa.

So they're back to the drawing board! But Texas's search might mean Cal has to go back and use the new assistant salary money apportioned for all the coaches to give a big raise to Tony Franklin, because it's likely he becomes a prime candidate for the opening.

There have been three candidates who have interviewed for the Texas offensive coordinator job. The first is Sonny Cumbie, who declined the job to return to TCU. The second is Gilbert. The third is Franklin.

I think you'd be hard pressed to find a more successful assistant in the Sonny Dykes regime than Franklin. He developed Jared Goff into a future NFL first round draft pick. Cal had a top 30 level offense in 2014 and a top 20 offense in 2015, despite an inconsistent run game and less than stellar offensive line performance. It's imperative that Cal keeps Franklin on board, because seriously, this offense is his! Dykes can't afford to lose him at this critical juncture.

Update: Or maybe Texas will do the job of sabotaging this possibility.