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Texas interviewed Cal offensive coordinator Tony Franklin

The beat goes on.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Texas has hired the Tulsa offensive coordinator, so Franklin will not be going to Austin.

UPDATE 2. Or who knows.

From one soap opera to the next. The Texas Longhorns, rebuffed by Sonny Cumbie at TCU, have moved onto Cal offensive coordinator Tony Franklin.

It will never end will it.

Franklin last year was the quarterbacks coach, running backs coach and offensive coordinator for the Bears, and did a good job at most of these spots. He obviously helped develop Jared Goff into one of the best signal-callers in college football, and while his playcalling orthodoxy was not quite conventional, it did produce one of the most elite offenses in the country the last two years. The running game was a bit more up and down but it did seem to adjust quite nicely at the end of the season.

It would be disastrous if Cal lost Franklin right after Sonny Dykes signs his contract extension. The Bears were able to produce an elite offense with the man working three positions on offense. And considering Cal has spent the last three years implementing his scheme, to scrap all that could lead to the Bears changing their system. Hopefully the new assistant salary pool will be enough to keep Franklin at Cal.

However I doubt Texas is really going to hire Franklin and overhaul their offense to run the Tony Franklin System. It would almost assure that they take a step back next year to incorporate the new scheme and find players to execute and run it, and Charlie Strong cannot afford to take steps back. Also Franklin doesn't really have recruiting connections in Texas--his roots are in the South.

But if Texas does offer him the job, Franklin is almost certain to take it. It's Texas after all, and Austin is the closest thing to cultural fit in college football to Berkeley. So you'd better hope Franklin.