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Instarecap: Cal Struggles to Beat Seattle 66-52

After a struggle in the first half, Cal pulls a tough one out

Rooks was happy to start
Rooks was happy to start
Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Cal struggled early in this one, only getting some real breathing room when Jabari Bird went on a tear at the end of the first half. Seattle kept it close in the second half, taking the lead on a couple of occasions. But like many times last year, Tyrone Wallace helped to break open the game. Once Seattle started pressing, it was all over and Cal broke away.

Leave your comments on the game here, postgame quotes will be up as the night goes on!

Wallace and Mathews up first

Dunk starting 17-2 run with dunk

TW: "Just trying to make plays for my team, I saw an opportunity to get out on the break..."

"...Game was close, you've just got to deliver"

On shooting against the zone

TW: "I think we got good looks, get the ball in the middle of the zone and make plays from here..."

JM: "There's a 1-2-2 zone, getting it to Ivan was a real focus for us in practice..."

Lots of open looks missed from the corner

JM: "That's basketball, shooters miss, take the shot when it's open, move the ball when it's not..."

On Rooks

TW: "Kameron played huge for us, player of the game.. came in and played 30 minutes and played a great game..."

On Jabari:

TW: "He's been taking good shots, missed his first 3 and coach told him to keep shooting then made 3 straight....shots will fall with these guys."

On all the blocks (10 in total)

TW: "Coach always tells us you have to be tough, you have to be physical, without fouling. Defense should always be aggressive without fouling."

Next up: Coach Martin

On going big

"Wanted King to be the guy in that position after Australia, he was down for 3 weeks and Kam stepped into that spot. He played big, and you still have to make plays over big bodies..."

"I don't know it's permanent, Bird has earned his spot...Done primarily for presence around the rim..."

Concern about Jaylen's funk:

"Not concerned at all. He's a 19 year old talented basketball player, I think he's doing a great job...judge him by his effort and intensity on defense...."

On the Offense against the zone

"Had wide open looks, when shots fall things look different..."

On sputtering offense and Ty getting it going

"He's an aggressive scorer, he can push the pace in transition and make the right decision...."

"You have to defend...doesn't matter who you're playing... have to fight through ball screens... defend aggressively without fouling."