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California Golden Bearcast: Listen to episode 11 of the CGB Podcast!

We talk Oregon, the Pac-12, Remember the Titans, and more on this lovely edition of the Bearcast.

Everybody is down for the Bearcast
Everybody is down for the Bearcast
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

This week's edition of the Bearcast is rife with intrigue. Or something like that. We talked about a number of things, with our special guest Solomon Kim.

  • We talked about various goings on in the world of college football, especially the crazy Arkansas lateral play
  • We give our expert analysis on the Oregon game, where we fail to come up with four positive takeaways from the game
  • This episode was sponsored by Fireball, when you want to forget and drink something that tastes like Big Red chewing gum
  • Our thoughts on the rest of the slate of Pac-12 games this week, including the Furd destruction of Colorado, the UCLA beatdown of OSU, and the continued emergence of the Falkano (Millenium Falk-on)
  • Hollywood Kevin Hogan
  • Thoughts on next week's Pac-12 slate, where one of us picks an upset (spoilers: it was me)
  • Any number of references to Remember the Titans, the Cena-Lesnar match at Summerslam 2014, and other number of topical references
  • Our "Sky is Falling" segment about assigning blame
  • And much more...

With all that, you have plenty of reason to listen and tweet us questions to cover next time. Enjoy, and Go Bears!

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