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Sonny Dykes & Cal players postgame quotes: Offensive & defensive perfomance lacking

Where did it go?

Sonny Dykes

  • On defense: "I thought we tackled very poorly. Probably missed I'm guessing 50+ tackles."
  • On overall effort. "I didn't think we played well on either side of the ball. Most of the year we played well on one side of the ball or the other. Our offensive performance was not good. Our defensive performance was not good as well."
  • On practice vs. game execution: "They practice really well. We've just gotta do a better job of handling adversity in ball games when things don't go our way and just be a little mentally tougher."
  • On special teams: "I thought our special teams did very well. Blocked punts, long field goals. Proud of Matt Anderson."
  • On assessing this loss: "I'd categorize this a lot like the UCLA game, where we just didn't play well. In some of the other games [losses?] we played pretty good football. I didn't think we made a good showing tonight."
  • On offensive execution: "When you can't run the ball as consistently as you'd like to...When you've got opportunities to make plays on balls, you've got to catch those balls. Some pretty sure handed receivers dropped balls tonight. It didn't have anything to do with the weather."
  • On pass protection: "We didn't play very well at the left tackle position and gave up a lot of pressure."
  • On injuries: "We got banged up today, for sure, but it's no excuse. You've got to battle through that."
  • On in-game struggles: "We practice really well, but we need to be a little more mentally tough. We need to do better with adversity in games."
  • On lack of discipline: "At times, we lost our composure. That's something we'll address and get fixed- that's not our style."
  • On Vic Enwere: "I thought Vic (Enwere) ran hard. It was a good matchup for him and he ran well."
  • On Oregon: "They're good running backs, they're explosive players. I thought the quarterback played well today. He's gotten better ...and played really well tonight against us."
  • On rushing the passer: "We didn't get any kind of pass rush. At all. That's the hard thing against him. When you rush him, you get somebody through, it's hard to get him on the ground. If you pressure him too much, he'll break contain and get the ball down the field. If you give him too much time, he's a good enough thrower where he can pick you apart. We didn't get the kind of pass rush we needed. So you're kind of damned if you do, damned if you don't."
  • On responding to Oregon putting 31 in a row: "We had a lot of confidence going into the game. It was good to get off to a good start. We've just got to respond better. For whatever reason, a little bit of doubt might have set in, and that's something that should never have happened."
  • On Jared Goff: "I didn't think Jared was as accurate ... as a group, we were a little shaky at all positions."

Additional quotes available from Sunday's teleconference.

Jared Goff

  • On starting off right: "We started strongly, which was something we've been working on. We didn't adjust to their adjustments. We didn't continue to make plays. When that happens you tend to stall drives and momentum changes."
  • On the growing losing streak: "Each loss was for a different reason. We just need to start back tomorrow and reset- it's a three game season now. It's been a slide here, and there are no excuses to be made. We need to play better and be better."
  • On responding to adversity: "This will test our character. How are we going to respond? If we want to go to a bowl game, we have to start winning. I'm fully confident that we will respond well and make this season a success."

Stephen Anderson

  • On role of the offense: "When we play teams with tempo, we have to do better at being productive and giving our defense rest."
    On pinpointing gameday struggles: "It's frustrating, knowing our potential. We have talent everywhere, put in hours, have good practices. No clear sign of why we struggle."
  • On maintaining resilience: "We're all encouraging each other on the sideline. It just didn't work out tonight."
  • On moving forward: "What's next? We look in the mirror. We know our potential... We go back to work. Find what it is we aren't doing right."

Hardy Nickerson

  • On struggling to get Oregon off field: "They just made their plays, we let them stay on the field after 3rd downs."
  • On failure to execute: "It's crunch time. These mistakes can't happen anymore. We had potential but we just didn't execute tonight."
  • On moving ahead: "I have no doubts. We are going to practice as hard as we can and get this thing turned around."