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Cal vs. Oregon pregame hype thread


Brian Bahr/Getty Images

With all due respect to T.S. Eliot, it was October that was the cruelest month; October, that snuffed out dreams of conference contention, with a string of losses, each more bitter than the last.

Evidently, tricks, not treats, were all that were left in stock. (We have been out of the latter for close to six decades.)

October, is also over.

The calendar has turned anew, offering a fresh -- final -- four game slate, and the important part of this trilogy, the one that will define us all, for much remains unwritten for the 2015 Bears, my friends. The story will certainly not end with the Blue and Gold as Pac-12 Champs or Rose Bowl victors, but it can still tell one of two other tales: one in which we quit and die down the stretch, limping our way into a bowl, if that  and one in which we fight with dignity and respect, bringing hell to each and every opponent that lines up across from us, sending them home miserable and defeated.

Those are the paths ahead for a team reeling and angered right now, a team that heads North to Eugene for answers this evening. All that's left is what we choose to write in these next four chapters, and how we choose to play within them.

We have little to lose, Oregon.

We have nothing to lose at all.

We're coming. Expect us.