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Cal vs. Oregon, 2nd quarter thread: Bears take early 10-3 lead


Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Cal has been making the big plays to start off Saturday night in Autzen.

Cal defense forces three and out. Ray Hudson blocked a punt to give the Bears great field position.  Goff found Powe and Stephen Anderson on 3rd down, with Anderson giving the Bears the early 7-0 lead.

Oregon had one big drive against the Cal defense but Griffin Piatt picked Vernon Adams in the end zone.

Vic Enwere had a huge run and Darius Powe and Trevor Davis made huge completions on the next drive to put Cal up 10-0. Oregon's next drive stalled and the Ducks settled for a field goal.

Cal is leading despite Goff not being that consistent (6-13 for 77 yards), so it's good that Cal has the early lead! GO BEARS!