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Cal football fans, how concerned are you with Jared Goff? Think he'll stay for his senior year?

Where does your worry meter read on Jared Goff? Is he pressing from playing behind a porous line and trying to carry an offense gimped by no ground game? Or is his tendency to throw bad interceptions a more troubling pattern?

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Nik Jam: The interceptions are very troubling. I'm starting to sense the hype and pressure may be getting to him but other defenses are also starting to figure him out. Doubt the struggles will be enough to make him wanna stick around in 2016 though.

HydroTech: I'm a little worried about Goff's performance. In the last three to four games he hasn't been as sharp as we know he can be. He's still a great QB and the best QB that we've had since pre-injury Longshore, and Rodgers.  But knowing what he's capable of, I feel like we've seen him underperform lately. He's kept us in games, and it seems like he's made costly throws which have taken us out of games. He's more often great than bad, so we are lucky to have him.  

I would like to see the coaching staff let him throw more though. A bit counter-intuitively, despite Goff getting better every year, Goff has also passed less and less every year.  In 2013 he averaged 44.3 passes per game.  In 2014 he averaged 42.4 passes per game.  So far in 2015, he's averaging 38.6 passes per game.  When you have one of the best QBs in the nation leading your offense, I'd like to see the coaches ride his arm a bit more rather than stubbornly sticking with a less effective run game.

Ruey Yen: Is Jared Goff sabotaging his draft stock and will somehow end up coming back for his senior year and lead us to the promise land? I doubt it. Goff has the ability and the understanding of the Bear Raid to do amazing thing, but I think the pressure to make more highlight reel worthy throws is getting to him (despite how briefly his Heisman campaign lasted). There are still plenty of time before the Big Game to  right those wrongs.

boomtho: Like HydroTech, I'm a little worried about Goff, and that's largely due to the impossibly high standard he's set for himself. On some level, we are a high-volume passing offense with WR's that clearly cannot get consistent separation from press man coverage - so picks are to be expected. I think Goff makes correct decisions most of the time - certainly above what I would expect. 

The one Goff-specific criticism I'll mention is his arm strength. It seems to have oddly regressed, and he's underthrowing a most of his deep routes.

More than that, however, I think the infrastructure around Goff is really what's hurting. We can't run the ball very effectively, and while I applaud Sonny thinking outside the box vs USC (using Zeandae Johnson as an extra blocker), we still haven't found a fix. The OL is doing OK (they're not terrible), but they're not dominant enough to consistently keep even 4 man fronts at bay. Additionally, like I mentioned earlier, our WR's have really been unable to create separation vs man coverage. Add that all together and I think it's quite understandable why Goff' splay has slipped.

Keegan Dresow: Not worried.

Piotr T Le: I think it is a bit of everything. TFS depends on a balanced run/pass combo + a decent o-line play. Currently teams are not respecting our ability to run the ball effectively thus allowing for lighter boxes, more plentiful zones less man to man. This is forcing Goff to throw under duress into tight windows. He is still a great QB, however, it looks like he is getting very little help. From the limited snaps Lasco got v. USC I think it will get better, but we need to be able to run again to relieve the pressure on Goff.

The interceptions are more the factor of him trying his darn best to make a play. We should not have him make a play as often as he is forced to right now.