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CGBearcast: Episode 14

Listen to the 14th episode of the Bearcast here

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Here today on the Bearcast, we revel in the victory of Saturday's win over Arizona State, and come back to earth to talk about the basketball team in Las Vegas. We cover a number of different topics:

  • The great parts of Saturday's game, i.e. Goff turning into Brett Favre
  • The less great parts of Saturday's game, i.e. pooch punts
  • Players of the game
  • Talk about the basketball team's performance in Las Vegas
  • What needs to be done to bounce back on Tuesday
  • Bowl projections
  • The end of Kobe Bryant's career
  • And many more things I've forgotten about

Anyway, take a listen, give us some feedback on iTunes, and as always, Go Bears!