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CGBearcast: Lucky Episode 13 of the California Golden Podcast

On episode 13, we talk about the Big Game and whatnot

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Today on the Bearcast, we talked about a number of different topics all for your listening pleasure in the wake of the Big Game. They covered:

  • Our takes on the Stanfurd game and the pluses and minuses of the game.
  • The outlook coming from the Stanfurd game, whether there is a silver lining or not.
  • The remainder of the games on the Pac-12 slate this past week and the next
  • Our thoughts and predictions on the outcome of the Arizona State game.
  • Our predictions on next year's roster
  • The meaning of "We'll talk tomorrow"
  • The success of the women's and men's basketball teams so far this year.
  • Recaps of their games this past week
  • And much more...

Anyway, be sure to listen and tell a friend. Heck, we're the highest rated Cal sports podcast on iTunes. That's enough reason to take a listen. Go Bears!