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How to watch Cal vs Stanfurd: 7:30pm on ESPN

Find out the best place to watch the big game!

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It's that lovely time of year, when the days of summer drift far away and the cold of winter rears its head. The sun sets earlier and the mountains turn a pearly white. Once more, fans in blue and gold clad descend on the treacherous grounds of silicon valley in search of a misplaced axe. Surely, some of these red toting being's may know where it has been incorrectly stored and wouldn't mind giving it back to the rightful owner. You see, a Bear and an axe date back before any axe ever met a tree. In fact, ancient history suggests that it was a grizzly bear who first fashioned an axe to remove a berry stuck in its paw. It is on this fact that we stake our claim, that the one and only axe was stolen from us and we have come for its rightful return. The Bears have been hibernating, waiting for their moment. Now that their moment is here, it will be surely ours to take.

Beat the tree's!

Cal vs. Stanfurd

Time: 7:30pm Pacific, 10:30pm Eastern


Online: Watch ESPN

Radio: KGO810 (local), TuneIn Radio

Where to watch if you are in...

Chicago: Nisei Lounge

New York City: Finnerty'sPacific Standard Brooklyn

Washington D.C.: Spider Kelly's (in Arlington, VA)

Los Angeles: Busby's West

Austin, TX: Midway Field House

Philadelphia: Tavern on Broad

Boston: Champions Sports Bar