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Golden Blogs Pick the Week 12 Games: Huge matchups for Oregon, USC, Utah, UCLA. Any Other Big Games?

Big week today! We have UCLA and Utah in a pivotal Pac-12 South matchup, while Oregon and USC seek to stay in the hunt. This big weekend also includes... the Big Game! Who have our writers chosen to win this week?

Beat the trees
Beat the trees

It's Big Game week! But we also have a bunch of other amazing Pac-12 games coming up, including two that could decide the Pac-12 Championship game before the Big Game even kicks off. Our panel will tell you who they think will win all the games!

But first... who should we trust? Let's see the standings so far.

Really rough week for a few of us, Nam falls further down the standings while Kevin and I just can't seem to get consistent good weeks. Perry has another great week and seems to widens his lead but Ruey wins the week, and is only 9 points back. Kudos to those who gambled on Oregon and Washington State, especially in the upset section. I was oh so close to an Indiana win, but they fell in overtime.

Let's get to the picks! Note that these lines are based on Wednesday morning's lines. I've noticed that a bunch of games are radically different now. I will make a note of those, and make a poll (just for the Big Game) at the end of the post.

ALL games are on Saturday. In ALL cases the road team is listed first, then the "@" (AT) sign followed by the home team. In all cases except Cal, I will list the favorite.


Arizona State is a 6 point favorite. There is no over/under. One point goes to whoever predicts the final points total within 10 above or below.

Close to unanimous but Kevin at the end chooses Zona. Since he's in last place, he can either gain or lose ground on everyone else here. Will the Sun Devils reach Bowl Eligibility before they play Cal?

Nik Jam: Arizona State needs this one more and they will get it at home.

Ruey Yen: I have more friends who went to ASU and they are the home team.

PerryScope: Trap game for Zona and ASU is just more talented right now due to the wildcats' injuries

Andrew G. Miller: I'll take ASU as long as Anu Solomon is out, but I'd go the other way if he's back healthy. Can I do that?

Berkelium97: I mostly want ASU to win so they suffer from a hangover the following weekend against us.

KWBears: Arizona with the upset!

#24 USC @ #23 OREGON (12:30, ABC/ESPN)

Oregon is a 4.5 point favorite. Over/Under is 71.5 (Still is today)

Once again, Kevin is in the minority but this time Andrew joins him. Spoiler alert: Lopsided answers are a theme today. If Oregon wins, Stanford HAS to beat Cal to win the Pac-12 North, or else all Oregon has to do is beat "lowly" Oregon State and they steal the North. So this is huge. The Trojans need this one too.

Nik Jam: Oregon cannot be stopped! If Stanford couldn't do it, the Trojans sure won't. (Then again, this exact same scenario happened in 2011 [Oregon winning at Furd, then hosting USC] and the Trojans pulled the upset.)

Ruey Yen: When in doubt, go with the home team. I also feel much less hate toward the Ducks than the Trojans.

PerryScope: Ducks just keep rolling. They have best offense in the conference.

Andrew G. Miller: This conference makes no sense. USC because my instinct was to pick Oregon and my instinct is usually wrong.

Berkelium97: USC has stumbled and bumbled to victory the past three weeks. That ends this week.

KWBears: USC will bring Oregon back down to earth again.

UCLA @ #13 UTAH (12:30PM, FOX)

Utah is a 2 point favorite. Over/Under is 58. (Today, the Over/Under is 56)

Finally some variety! Utah has the slight edge but we have some who believe in UCLA. This is another huge matchup. Also, what's with all the 12:30 games? Which one will you watch? All of them? None of them? Too busy tailgating at the farm to care?

Nik Jam: I trust the Utes at home. I think they still win the South.

Ruey Yen: Bruins actually control their destiny to win the Pac-12 south, but the Utes are just the better team.

PerryScope: Got a hunch

Andrew G. Miller: Guh. Utah bounces back.

Berkelium97: Because it would be so typical for UCLA to win this after losing to the Cougs.

KWBears: Utah will rebound in a big way.


Washington is a 15 point favorite. Over/Under is 48.5 (Still is today)

Nik and Perry have the Beavers hanging in there or even winning, but the rest think the Huskies will do what everyone else has done and blow out the Beavers.

Nik Jam: Oregon State will have a spirited effort that will fall short in heartbreaking fashion.

Ruey Yen: Washington may have issues offensively in the 2nd half of last week, but Oregon State is the cure for all offensive woes.

PerryScope: Oregon State will get that first conference win.

Andrew G. Miller: Who would have thought WSU would be standing between the Huskies and bowl eligibility next week...and that they'll probably turn them away?

Berkelium97: UW isn't great, but OSU is atrocious.

KWBears: Huskies dominance.


Cal is a 11 point underdog. Over/Under is 64.5 (Cal has moved to a 10.5 point underdog today)

Who would dare pick Cal? Stanford's rolling. All the experts think Stanford should win handily. Cal's offense has struggled in "big" games and this THE BIG GAME. The defense hasn't been that dominant and we have McCaffrey and Hogan to deal with... Surely this will be like the week Cal played Utah and no one will pi...

Wow. Almost everyone has Cal! Berkelium is the only one who thinks Furd will romp. What do YOU think? I ask you the question in our poll at the bottom.

Nik Jam: No logic here. I've picked Cal wrong EVERY WEEK this season. Sometimes I picked them to win and cover, and they won but didn't cover. Sometimes I picked them to lose and not cover, but they lost and covered. Last week I picked them to win and not cover and they won and covered. Once I picked them to win and they lost badly.

So, I should pick Stanford right? Well, I don't believe in jinxes. Say I picked Furd and they won but Cal covered. I would be wrong AND still feel terrible. I'd rather my one time picking Cal right be this week, so let's make it happen.

Ruey Yen: I!
I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN! a shootout no less

PerryScope: Hopefully we put up enough points early on so that Kevin Hogan is forced to throw the ball to beat us. If they establish the running game it's over.

Andrew G. Miller: If we're all picking Cal then it's a push. And anyone who doesn't pick Cal is a heretic. Stanford is probably going to smash us though.

Berkelium97: This is a terrible matchup for us. I'm expecting a blowout loss (but desperately hoping for a win).

KWBears: Cal with an upset off the ages!


Washington State is a 15 point favorite. Over/Under is 62.5 (Still is today)

Most have the Cougars easily winning the second #Pac12AfterDark game, while Nik and Berkelium have Colorado hanging in there.

Nik Jam: I think Colorado will be motivated and Cougs will have a bit of a letdown.

Ruey Yen: Cougs destroys Colorado, whose QB is out for the year.

PerryScope: Air Raid keeps rolling

Berkelium97: It's going to be about 25 degrees at kickoff (why the Pac-12 schedules night games in Pullman in late November is a mystery to me), which will slow down both teams. Wazzu will win, but not comfortably.

KWBears: Poor Buffs are going to get destroyed.


Choose a winner of one of the following games. A LOT of good games this week.

Cincinnati @ South Florida
#12 Michigan @ Penn State
#21 Memphis @ Temple
Georgia Tech @ Miami
Syracuse @ NC State
#15 LSU @ #22 Ole Miss
Louisville @ Pitt
Miss St. @ Arkansas
#10 Baylor @ #6 Oklahoma State
#18 TCU @ #7 Oklahoma

The tempting choice, and I knew it when I compiled it, would be Michigan. A lot of people have bit. The Wolverines are only a 3.5 point favorite, so will this pay off? Others have LSU, Oklahoma, and NC State.

Nik Jam (LSU): LSU has been clutch this season.

Ruey Yen (Michigan): When in doubt, go with the highest ranked team playing an unranked team.

PerryScope (Oklahoma): Boykin and Doctson are both banged up and they barely beat Kansas.

Berkelium97 (NC State): A solid NC State QB hosts a vulnerable Syracuse secondary. This should be a comfortable win for the Wolfpack.

KWBears (Michigan): Michigan is just going to outclass Penn State.


Choose one of the following double digit underdogs to straight up win. 3 points if correct. Conference games included, BIG GAME included!

FCS The Citadel (@ South Carolina)
FCS Chattanooga (@ #14 Florida State)
Fresno State (@ BYU)
Wake Forest (@ #1 Clemson)
#9 Michigan State (@ #3 Ohio State)
#20 Northwestern (@ #25 Wisconsin)
Oregon State (vs. Washington)
Tulsa (vs. #16 Navy)
Boston College (@ #4 Notre Dame)
UNLV (vs. San Diego State)
Cal (@ #11 Stanford)
Colorado (@ #24 Washington State)

Woah. Two of usk, Nik and Ruey have chosen Cal to straight up win! We have one for the Beavers at home against Washington. We even have a FCS winner. The plurality have #9 Michigan State, a 14 point underdog, toppling the home team #3 Ohio State Buckeyes. No one has chosen "NO UPSET".

Nik Jam (Cal): Screw it, I'm desperate for points and I'm pretty much out of the hunt.

Ruey Yen (Cal): I know I would need to think outside the box here to make up ground on Perry...but can't not pick us (sorry for the double negatives).

PerryScope (Oregon State): I just think it's time for the Beavers

Andrew G. Miller (Chattanooga): This is a symbolic pick in protest of teams that play FCS opponents in November. I should get points for my values, right?

Berkelium97 (Michigan State): One of those two Big Ten games is ending an upset. I'll vote against the less battle-tested Buckeyes.

KWBears (Michigan State): The Buckeyes finally meet their match!


Simply put. Go Bears. Beat Furd. Enjoy your weekend. Get your picks right!