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Instarecap: Cal is the Captain Now, beats ECU 70-62

Bears have a Haastile takeover of the Pirates

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It was a slow going early, as Cal couldn't quite take down the 2-3 zone of the Pirates. Indecisiveness, poor 3 point shooting and turnovers definitely didn't help. ECU remained pesky all the way through, holding the Bears to three 3's. It was tense until the end, but the Haas crowd was great, and our guys pulled it out. Double doubles from Rabb and Brown led the way, along with 20 points from Wallace. Cal only shot 13% from 3, 0-12 in the second half, and turned it over 15 times. The defense looked great though, holding the Pirates to 32.7% shooting.

On difficulties against the zone

Tyrone: "Didn't move the ball to well... didn't do a good job of getting the ball to the high post"

Rabb on fouls called:

"The fouls (called on me) didn't frustrate me, because I believe in my teammates. It's early though- I'll figure it out"

Anything that surprised them about ECU

Tyrone: "Can't take anything for granted, they're a physical team, god zone, they played well"

Ty on whether it's good to have a game like this

Tyrone: "Good to be tested, did as well as we could on offense, did really well on defense... Coach says can always play good defense, can always have bad nights shooting the ball, but you can always count on your defense"

Shot 23 from 3, what did you think about those shots

Tyrone:"Typically with a zone you shoot a lot of 3s... We have to find a way to get into the seams.... The ball doesn't go in every time..."

Ivan: "Found our guys for shots they usually make"

Ivan on getting boards and how he does it

Ivan: "Not sure (where I learned), when you're a big and you can rebound, you'll always be on the floor"

Then some from Coach Martin

On whether ECU forced bad shots:

"Biggest key against the zone is to flash the middle, we didn't do that too well."

On Rabb's game:

"Thought he played really well outside of the fouls...makes good decisions when he's doubled in the post. Did a really good job of staying aggressive. (The fouls) were legit calls..."

On attacking the zone in the future

"I wanted them to attack more like they did in the second half.. looked better taking it off the bounce in the second half.

On Good Rebounding:

"I'm happy with the win, and happy with our guys keeping the ball alive like they did.

Bird Rebounding and general game:

"I thought he played a good game, he may not have shot well in the previous games, but I thought he played a good complete game."

On ECU potentially being a difficult game going in:

"I felt like we were probably the better team, but I didn't think it was going to be easy..."

And that's all from Haas. Enjoy your Friday and Go Bears!