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CGB Podcast: Episode 10 of the California Golden Bearcast

We made it to 10 of these things, that's pretty impressive

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

So this is the tenth edition of the Bearcast, where we had a very special guest in Michael Rollins! We talked about the USC game and much more. That includes:

  • Our thoughts on the positives and negatives to take from the USC game
  • Thoughts on Pac-12 refs vs. ACC refs
  • How we're all more sad about Wazzu losing to Stanford
  • If you want to skip over the USC, head to 32 minutes in
  • We talk about the rest of the  Pac-12 slate for this week, replete with bad poetry
  • Discussing the upcoming matchup with Oregon
  • None of us pick a team to win the next game
  • Jokes about Jeff Lockie and Cody Kessler
  • Michael Rollins shouting out @jtoyo562, @isaacscottw, and @Dalmcm
  • And much much more....

Anyhow email us at or tweet at Rob or myself. Have a listen, tell a friend, and go Bears!