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Oscar Frayer decommits from Cal, reopens his recruitment

Cal will need a few more bodies for the 2016 class.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

For as great as Cal basketball's 2015 recruiting class went, the 2016 class remains barren. Oscar Frayer was the only long-term commit from this class, but he has now decided it's best for him to go elsewhere.

(HT Dasarte Yarnway Fan Club)

Frayer would have given Cal a solid long-term forward prospect to help soften the blow of all the eventual departures of our wings in 2017, but now the Bears will have to hit the recruiting trail again to find commitments who fit the program.

Only Tyson Jolly (who was originally part of the 2015 class) signed with Cal in the early fall signing period, so the Bears might still have a few open roster spots. With Charlie Moore also deciding to go elsewhere, this might be a year Cal starts looking at the transfer market to try and find potential replacements.

The positions of need for this class are definitely point guard (Tyrone Wallace leaving) and a forward of some sort in case someone on our team decides to become an early entry candidate. Frayer was a 3, but Cal probably has enough wings that can cover up that position, so a power forward might be the more important target. With many 2016 recruits off the table, expect Cal to look hard at whomever is available via transfer.