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Cal vs. Stanford: What's your favorite Big Game memory?

What is your favorite Big Game memory? Can be a game, a moment, whatever.

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boomtho: I started school in '07, so unfortunately I don't have a lot of great Big Game memories. Besides The Play (obviously!!), I'd say my favorite memory was Shane Vereen's monstrous 42 carry effort in 2009.

Nik Jam: The only Big Game win I attended was in 2009, my first year as a Junior Transfer. I was in Rally Comm, so I had to earn a free ticket by going to most of the rallies, among other "community service" work, all for a game that most experts agreed that Stanford would win easily. Even I and my fellow students were expecting a Furd blowout. When Toby Gerhart had that long touchdown to start the game it looked like that will be the case.

Long story short, as you all know, Cal won the game. I was near the front row behind the end zone and was just a few yards away from Mike Mohammed's game winning interception. I knew that with the time remaining and the Card's lack of timeouts that it would be Victory Formation. It was, and still is, one of my happiest sports memories and it's a shame that 6 years later I'm still waiting for another taste.

Ruey Yen: My favorite Big Game memory has got to be the Cal win in 2002. That was my junior year of college and the Cal fans were starting to get back on the football bandwagon thanks to our new coach in Jeff Tedford. After three classes that have graduated without experiencing (or just seeing if they don't travel down to The Farm) a Big Game win, it was catharsis for the entire Cal fandom at the end of this one. To be fair, I was one of the fewer people that was around earlier that year (during the winter break) when Cal Men's Basketball was able to beat Stanfurd (it was the dark ages that Stanfurd dominated us both in football and men's basketball), and I was also able to see a Cal baseball win over Stanfurd my freshman year. Nevertheless, I recall rushing the field and all the euphoria.

To be honest, I thought the parading of the Axe into classrooms that interrupted class was a bit excessive. But the taking down of the goal post and how that got paraded around Telegraph (I personally didn't see it down on Telegraph) was just what I had always imagined big time college sports to be like.

LeonPowe: 1993. On a 7 game losing streak to the Cardinal, Cal running back Lindsay Chapman and QB Dave Barr (and what should've been a Rose Bowl team, were it not for a broken collarbone) rolled up a 46-17 victory down on the Farm behind Chapman's 4 touchdowns. The Cal fans rushed the opposing field, brought down a goal post, and uh, tore up the Stanford sod. A great great game. I believe Chapman's 200+ yards is still Cal's Big Game rushing record?

Trace Travers: Probably Steve Levy leading Cal to victory in 2005. My great-grandfather had passed away after 82 Big Games, and this was the first one without him. It was emotional, Cal took over more than half of Stanfurd Stadium, and it was a beautiful afternoon.

Piotr T Le: I don't have any. Really, all of them has been either a heartbreaker that left me a mere shell of a human being for a week or just disappointed like my dad when he found out I didn't get into Harvard.

Tell us Cal fans, what's your favorite Big Game memory?