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Instant Recap: Cal Sends UCSB to the Shadow Realm, 85-67

Cal wins big, that's nice

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Slow start from the Bears, not getting a field goal until a Jordan Mathews 3 at 15:57. The game continued, trading buckets as Cal built up a lead. A 9-0 run at the end of the half built up a 19 point lead at halftime for the Bears. Lots of fouls abound, as Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown both had 2 fouls in the half. UCSB got called for a bunch of fouls, leading Tyrone "Smoochie" Wallace to shoot 9 FTs, making 8. Mathews and Wallace led the first half scoring with 13 and 15 respectively.

The second half was more back and forth, with lots of fouls. One highlight was the Jaylen Brown steal followed by a huge lefty dunk. Lots of made FTs, which is a plus. Ultimately the Bears had too big of a lead, and couldn't be stopped. Postgame quotes will be put up here as the night goes on.

First up: Tyrone Wallace and Jaylen Brown:

On taking control of the game and being choppy in the first half

  • Ty: "I think it's unacceptable, came out flat in the second, they were able to cut the lead. Need to stop that"

Tyrone's newfound FT shooting

  • "I always worked on it a lot, just a matter of repetition. I continue to do my routine and I'll be fine"

Jaylen on getting more run

  • "I felt better, got a little more play time to get into it"

On Foul Calls: Tyrone

  • "You've just got to get a feel for how the refs are calling the game..."

Going to the line a lot: Tyrone

  • "We are aggressive, and we have a number of guys who can attack the rim... it's hard to stay upright when we attack the rim, and it forces the refs to call those"

On newfound flow of the offense:

  • Wallace: Doing a good job of finding the open guy, everyone can pass the ball
  • Jaylen: Great point guard play is helping that.

On Rooks: Wallace

  • "He's a lot lighter, been in the weight room and can move better laterally. Looks stronger and faster and keeps making these plays that he's been making."

Jaylen, on new point of emphasis for officiating

  • "If we do our job, and the refs won't be an impact. Be aggressive and things will fall into place"

Ty on the UCSB zone:

  • "We were a little stagnant at start, played guards up a little higher, eventually broke it to get some good looks... Knocked down some shots to get them out of it

Next up: Coach Cuonzo Martin

  • Hard fought game, watching those guys on film they have 3 legit scorers. Thought Brown, Domingo did a great job on Green, keeping him off the glass. Ty being aggressive, stagnant in the first, watch film to find what went wrong.

Jaylen Comfort

  • Felt like he was locked in on Green, made a conscious effort to keep him off the glass


  • "He's always been very supportive. Any time you have a former player around your program, it's a good thing."

On Ty

  • "Tyrone makes us go. When you spend four years in college, you've seen a lot. You can't hand-check a guy like that. When you have a guy who struggled at the FT line last year, and still wanted the ball down the stretch, that will tell you all you need to know about Tyrone."

About the newfound ball movement

  • Who's the next guy is what they say, if the next guy's our best shooter they'll definitely pass the ball to the next guy.

On Singer and Rooks off bench

  • Kam is playing with lot of confidence, brace has been off for 2-3 weeks
  • Sam, can tell how he played by the floor game, can bring lots of things on the floor game. Brings a level of calmness, can let Wallace play off the ball

On Rabb foul trouble

  • He just needs to keep playing through, keep hand off guys and stay aggressive
  • Handcheck is a foul, you have to call it everytime if it's a foul

Mathews spark at the beginning:

  • He's gotta be ready to shoot, one of the better shooters in all of college basketball. Got to be ready

Playing defense on the UCSB scorers

  • One thing they were willing to give the pullup jumper from the point guard on pnr. Broke down twice in the second half, but willing to give the PGs those pullups

Floor spacing, Jordan benefit from spacing

  • "Gives him options, makes it hard for the defense"

What do you tell Ivan after foul troube

  • "Part of the game, need to move your feet, need to watch film, not doing a poor job, need to protect him, guarding guys in the post isn't easy."
  • Very coachable, unselfish

On the Jaylen Dunk, he focused on 4 turnovers in postgame

  • Makes big time plays in practice, is an explosive driver.

More on Rooks:

  • 300lbs to 260, playing without a brace, starting to see success, soft hands around the rim

That's all from Haas Pavillion, goodnight everyone