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Cal Basketball Sexy Sports Talk: What's our best starting lineup?

Feel the sensuality for the Rabbolution.

I miss talking Cal basketball (and also, seeing Cal basketball.)

In the spirit of basketball season (aka my favorite season) starting up, I've decided to make a YouTube series where I can talk about Cal basketball and people who watch it can talk about why I should not talk about Cal basketball (or God forbid, recruiting. Have I mentioned that Caleb Swanigan is definitely coming to Cal?).

Some background on the genesis of this series.

In the series, due to my lack of any actual basketball acumen, I've decided to rely solely upon sex appeal, as women generally do in sports media. I'm so excited for basketball season, but even more excited to discuss it while clad entirely in beachwear!

Here's a sample of my future swimsuit getup for those scorching winter Northern California months.

Ron Swanson is cold

I ould love to hear any suggestions, feedback, or questions you'd like answered in future videoblogs. Enjoy?