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Sonny Dykes & Cal players postgame quotes: Big Game talk starting in locker room


Sonny Dykes quotes

General comments:

"I'm proud of our players and their effort tonight. We challenged them after four tough weeks to come out and just play relaxed and have fun playing football. They did a great job of doing that tonight. There was an energy on the sideline that was really positive and it shows the perseverance of these guys and that they believe in each other. They have worked incredibly hard. It was really satisfying to go out there and really perform well tonight and get that next step in our program which is going to a bowl game. We talked about how important that was over and over again. I'm just happy for these guys. They love playing together and love being on the team with each other. The good thing is that they are going to get an extra game together. I think they're excited to win, but I know there was a lot of talk about the Big Game in that locker room and how excited we are to go play and compete against a very good Stanford football team next week. We know it will be a big challenge, but our guys are excited. We will prepare hard and I look forward to it"

On the offensive performance:

"I thought we pass protected well, kept Jared upright most of the night. Obviously, we ran the ball well, we ran it over 300 yards, and anytime you rush the ball for that many yards, it starts up front. I thought our running backs ran really hard. Tre ran hard. I thought Vic ran hard. I though Khalfani ran hard. To me, one of the big plays of the game was the screen pass Tre caught right at the end of the half. It was a heck of a run and a heck of a play. I was really proud of Maurice Harris tonight. I thought he had a great game. I thought we performed well. A little bit of a slow start, but I think once our guys settled in. It was a pretty good performance."

On Jared's performance:

"We missed a couple of throws early. We weren't as sharp as we should have been early in the game, but once we settled in we felt like we could block him up front, and anytime he's got that time to throw he can do it. I think it just shows you how important it is to protect him and keep him upright. When we do that, we are a very good offense and when we don't, it's a bit of a struggle."

On next week's game

"I think this victory gives us confidence. Anytime you lose football games, especially when you haven't had a lot of success recently, it creates a little bit of doubt. Anytime you go and play well, it erases some of that doubt. So for us, we needed a performance like this. We needed to come out and play really well so we could recall that we are a good football team. Some other good football teams have played better than us and beat us, so it was a total team performance. I thought our defense did a lot of good things. They played really well most of the night, but this this gives us confidence going into next week's game against a very good Stanford football team and we know we are going to need it."

Jared Goff video & quotes

On what changed after the first drive:

"I don't know. We just started off a little slow. I don't know why I missing high, just stuff I need to work on. There's always stuff I need to work on. I was just proud of the guys, the way they were able to come back. We didn't start the way we wanted to but we were able to score 52 or however many it was. It was awesome."

On being bowl eligible:

"It's awesome. It's really cool. It's really exciting in there (locker room). The whole atmosphere is really great right now and I'm just trying to enjoy it. I said it out there, this has been a culmination of three years of hard work since Coach Dykes got here and since a lot of guys got here, just putting in that work every day. I've said it a million times when we were 1-11, and last year when we lost to BYU, that all the work we put in will pay off eventually and by no means are we done. We still have two games left against Stanford and ASU but it's awesome right now."

On how much of a relief it was to return to form:

"It was great. Obviously, we want to do well offensively every game, but being able to run the ball like we did today was awesome. Seeing guys take screens all the way like Tre Watson take a screen that was designed to go left and to make a play and take it back right and go down the sidelines and Maurice Harris did it twice. I don't know maybe he did it three times. It's awesome to throw screens and let them run. It's fun for me and it's fun for them."

Tre Watson video & quotes

On what was working:

"Honestly, everything. Our team came out and we competed. We had a chip on our shoulder and we came out and we executed."

On the holes the offensive line were making:

"Honestly, I think the O-line blocked amazing. I loved it and they were wide open and I was just taking advantage of each hole they presented to me and just going out there playing football and enjoy doing it."

Maurice Harris and Malik McMorris video & quotes

McMorris on touchdown:

"It felt great. It's week nine, it's late in the season, but we've been running that play since fall camp and it's just great to be in that situation where they can put me in the game to try and close it out with a running clock. Coach called the play and I had a feeling in my head it was going to come my way and I ran as fast as I could, which isn't very fast but I got there turned my head and saw the defense end bite, and looked into the tuck as the coaches say and touchdown 99."