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Cal basketball press quotes & recruiting: Tyson Jolly signs, Charlie Moore decides tomorrow

Quick updates from the latest Cal presser.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Cuonzo Martin

  • "I'm happy to have Tyson on board with our program after a year at prep school," head coach Cuonzo Martin said. "He is a passionate player who is excited to be a part of what we are trying to do. He is tough, athletic and possesses a great desire to excel on the court. Tyson is a player who is willing to do whatever it takes to win, whether it is blocking a shot, getting a big rebound, scoring a big basket or making a big free throw."
  • Very excited to have Tyson Jolly on board. Tremendous character and talent. His passion, his energy, his love for the game, his willingness to get better, that's exactly what you want in your program.
  • On what he expects from his team: "You can't shelter guys for four years and then all of sudden expect them to be men. They walk with a level of humility as a team. I don't see the hype effecting them. They know what they have to do to be successful."
  • On Roman Davis: "We will redshirt Roman, that train is already rolling, that's why you didn't see him in the last game."
  • "What can you tell me about my team that I don't see every day?"

Tyrone Wallace
  • On the season opener: "We're really focused right now and excited to get the season started. The exhibition was great but now it's go time."
  • On what needs to be fixed: "On the defensive end, we could do a better job with communication and better coverage. A lot of room for improvement."
  • On early national preseason buzz: "I don't really pay attention to it (the hype). I just try and keep my head straight and focus on what we have in front of us. The most important thing is that we believe in ourselves. We have a lot of talent and a lot of pieces."

Charlie Moore

Cal will be looking for a replacement at point guard next year, and their top target appears to be Charlie MooreMoore visited a few weeks ago, and will make his final decision tomorrow among three schools: VCU, Memphis, and Cal.