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Cal defense disappoints in Oregon, but it's the Cal offense that's disappointed all year

What alarms you more, the Cal offense or the Cal defense?

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Avinash: The offense, because the defense we saw against Oregon was the defense we were expecting to get a lot of this season. We have not gotten the offense we were expecting from Cal for the entirety of Pac-12 play.

This defense has played well this year, but they were always going to have their weak games, particularly against teams with space, speed and mobility, and/or good line play (UCLA had the first and the last, Texas had the first two, and Oregon had all three). Add in all the injuries and they had no chance to have a good game. They need way more talent.

No, it's the offense. If Cal didn't get those two blocked punts, our offense might have managed six points through three quarters against a bottom level Pac-12 defense. That's awful. Putting the defense out on the field the entire second quarter while the offense punted the ball non-stop doomed them.

We brought these new coaches in to bring offense. They have talent. They have a very good quarterback. They have four capable running backs and a decent receiving corps. And they are getting whipped.

A.W. Johnston: The offense. The defense was always supposed to alarm me, I mentally prepared myself all summer for that. However, the offense I expected to make another big leap this year and move into the ranks of an Oregon. This hasn't been close to the case and I have no idea what our identity is as an offense. We passed so often against Oregon, and I never saw our adjustment after they started recognizing play calls until the game was out of hand. I truly am at a loss for our offensive ineptitude. I refuse to put this on our wide receivers and say its a matter of athleticism, it's not. I am also confused as to why we haven't put Lasco back as the clear starter, the indecision hurts our players role and contributes to our flat performances.

boomtho: Sigh, I don't even really know what to pick. I'll go with the offense purely because that is the unit that came into this season, and this game, with expectations. Many expected Goff to have a field day against what had been a porous OU pass defense - which certainly did not transpire. Nick covered it really well in his Monday recap, but there are a lot of things that are just "off" about the offense - when you put them all together, you get a frustrating day like Saturday.
The defense, as banged up as they are, has a bit more of an excuse for struggling against a talented OU rushing attack, especially late in the game.

Ruey Yen: The offense, or particularly the lack of it, is the most alarming given all the talent that is on the team. I would spread the blame between player executions and play calling. The Bear Raid pace has really slowed down and the lack of creativity, particularly when things are not working, has been frustrating to watch.

I understand that our OL play is mediocre at best and unlikely to get better, but the entire offense overall is underperforming against more solid competitions.

At least in the Oregon game, the Cal defense made things happened, even if they were still giving up a lot of yardage. It is what it is.

At this point, the only hope of a strong finish for Cal would be the offense to live up to its hype - that the Bear Raid is capable of outscoring anyone. Maybe we are saving all of our trick plays for Stanford?

Keegan Dresow: The offense. The defense is exceeding expectations. Damariay Drew in particular has been very fun to watch. There was good reason to hope that the offense could be one of the best in the country, but it has struggled to find its rhythm.