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Golden Blogs Writers Pick the Week 6 Games! Did anyone pick Cal?

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Golden Blogs Staff Pick Em is now officially on Thursdays now that the Pac-12 will have a Thursday game for the next four weeks.

Cal has to deal with these guys... well, sort of. You know what I mean.
Cal has to deal with these guys... well, sort of. You know what I mean.
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HEY EVERYONE! It's time for another edition of Golden Blogs Pickem. We've got a highly competitive group going and this may be the week where people near the bottom claw their way to the top! A lot of high spreads in the Pac-12 this week, will anyone boldly pick some upsets or will someone call a blowout? Let's find out!

But first... here are last week's results and the total rankings.

The rich get richer as first place Nam widened the lead with an 11 point romp over the rest of us. Andrew also got 11, putting him out of the bottom of the pack and into the higher echelon, although the difference between second and last isn't that much. The rest of us are going to need a big week if we don't want this contest to end already in Week 6.


Point spread and Over/Under are what the ESPN Scorecenter app said on MONDAY. They might be different now.

USC vs. Washington

The #17 Trojans are a 17 point favorite over the Huskies. The Over/Under is 56

Sarkisian is reunited with the Huskies! Wonder if that'll factor at all?

Most of us think Washington should be able to hang tough with USC and only KWBears thinks USC can over the high spread. Hey, at this point, it's good to have people get the chance to gain ground on everyone else. The Thursday night matchup sees Washington and USC return from byes. Can Cal's win over Washington start to look better or will they pull a Texas and San Diego State and make our close wins seem very bad?

Nik Jam: Washington will make this a game. USC will probably overlook them.

PerryScope: Both teams coming off bye week so I think it's going to be a closely contested game with an emphasis on UW's improvement as an offensive unit. If USC's offensive line can give Kessler time in the pocket than there is no way UW can stay competitive. The D line played extremely well against Cal and the pressure made it that much harder for Jared to make plays.

Andrew G Miller: Trying to reason this one out from previous performance is hard: USC lost to Stanford who was bad but is now good and beat ASU who was good and then bad but now good again, while Washington hung tight with Cal who is maybe good but also maybe not good?

Ruey Yen: Washington's D keep them close to the Trojans.

KWBears: USC's athletes should destroy U-Dub this weekend.

Berkelium97: USC should win by double-digits, but 17 is a bit too large. I expect a somewhat low scoring defensive slugfest.


Arizona is a 10 point favorite. Over/Under is 64.5

Most of us expect an Arizona romp. Berkelium and I have Oregon State covering, and given that we're in the bottom of the standings could use that pickup. It seems most of us think it will be a low scoring affair, given the injuries and inexperience of both squads.

Nik Jam: Oregon State gets their sneaky upset here so they don't get it against Cal.

PerryScope: I do not see Rich Rod's team losing 3 weeks in a row even if they are battling significant injuries (Solomon and Wright).

Andrew G Miller: The Beavers are pretty unexciting...but then so are the Wildcats, suddenly. I think Arizona bounces back a little bit.

Ruey Yen: I really don't know how good Arizona is but going to go with mostly a Pac-12 South team over a Pac-12 North team.

KWBears: USC's athletes should destroy U-Dub this weekend.

Berkelium97: I do not have much confidence in an Arizona defense that has surrendered over 100 points in its first two Pac-12 contests.


Oregon is a 16.5 point favorite. The Over/Under is 71.

After getting a little disrespect last week, only being a 7 point favorite to Colorado, the Ducks are big favorites once again at home on Washington State. The Cougars hung tough with Cal and very well could have won as 16 point underdogs. Can they once again keep it close on the road against the "Lewis and Clark" Oregon Ducks?

Most of us think so. Let's find out why.

Nik Jam: This is going to be the shootout we thought Cal/Wazzu would be this year.

PerryScope: If Oregon runs the ball like they did last week nobody in the Pac 12 can stop them. The Ducks will lean on workhorse Royce Freeman to continue his great season and run the ball effectively due to Oregon's shaky QB situation. I think the Cougs will stay close in this game slinging the ball all over the place because Oregon cannot cover anybody.

Andrew G Miller: My, that's a hefty line for a team that recently lost by 42 points. Eh, Oregon still makes us look bad for letting the Cougs hang around.

Ruey Yen: Cougs keep it close but Ducks prevail.

KWBears: Much like Arizona, Oregon has the talent to win most games. The Ducks just don't have the offensive leader they need to steer the ship. Adams and Lockie look to be busts. Wazzu will be a dangerous opponent that Oregon should not overlook (like Cal did last week).

Berkelium97: I do not trust the Oregon pass defense.


Arizona State is a 15 point favorite. The Over/Under is 56.5

Most think that Arizona State can easily dispatch Colorado. Only two of us give Colorado a chance to make up for blowing their opportunity at a big upset last week against Oregon. ASU had a big upset over UCLA, but maybe the recent "road team magic" and "Sun Devils inconsistency" will rear it's ugly head again.

Nik Jam: Arizona State continues to baffle the nation and stumble against Colorado.

PerryScope: The Sun Devils will look to build on their impressive win at UCLA and get back into the Pac 12 South conversation. If they get to Liufau like they got to Rosen this game won't be close.

Ruey Yen: Could be a letdown game for ASU but Colorado is bad.

KWBears: Colorado looked decent against Oregon last week, but that was Oregon without a real QB. ASU has a QB - this one will get ugly fast (for the Buffs).


#23 Cal is a 7 point underdog to the #5 Utah Utes. The Over/Under is 61.

The main event is the nationally televised Cal/Utah game. Our California Golden Bears will travel to Salt Lake City and work to get to 6-0 against the favored Utes. Utah has national championship aspirations but Cal has a Cinderella story in it's wings if they can stun the world. What does our CGB crew think of Cal's chances?

OH. Looks like nobody is going to go on a limb and predict a Cal upset. We'd all love to be wrong, but it looks like everyone went with guts over hearts. Let's find out why.

Nik Jam: Have to think Utah gets the job done and sends Cal their first loss. I should note that my last 3 Cal related picks have been wrong though... so this would be a nice way to get that streak going. No doubts that this one will be high scoring!

Nam Le: I wrote we'd take the first L at Utah. I gotta stick with it.

PerryScope: If Cal's offensive line can give Jared just a BIT of time then I think Cal has a good chance to win this game. Not to say that the offense has been playing poorly, but Cal has got to put up more points to stay in this game because it's going to be tough for Cal to contain Wilson in the passing game. However if we can prevent the Utes from establishing the run game with their NFL bound back Devontae Booker than I think Cal can hang with the Utes for 4 quarters.

Andrew G Miller: I'm currently using this article and anything else I can find to help calm my nerves. Suggestions welcome.

Ruey Yen: I hope to be wrong.

KWBears: Both Cal and Utah will find ways to put-up points. While I'm really hoping that Utah's D falls flat against Goff & Co, my realistic side doesn't have a lot of faith that our D will outperform Utah's D - therefore, I think Utah will score just enough to beat us by a few points.

Berkelium97: I don't have enough confidence in the Cal O-line to predict anything other than a blowout loss.


Using the following games, pick a (straight up) winner to receive two points. All are less than 7 point favorites or underdogs.

NC State @ Virginia Tech
#19 Georgia @ Tennessee
Syracuse @ South Florida
Wisconsin @ Nebraska
#13 Northwestern @ #18 Michigan
#21 Oklahoma State @ West Virginia
#11 Florida @ Missouri
San Jose State @ UNLV

This is a chance for everyone to gain ground on another if they can pick a game no one else does... instead, four of us picked Georgia to beat Tennessee and two have Florida. Andrew is all alone with West Virginia, can he pick up points on us with the unique pick?

Nik Jam:  (Georgia) Not sure why Tennessee is just a 7 point underdog. I'm going to say Georgia wins this one no problem.

PerryScope: (Florida) Missouri's offense has been awful so far and Florida has one of the best defenses in the country.

Ruey Yen: (Georgia) I heard Tennessee is bad this year (although they did play Florida close).

KWBears: (Georgia) Georgia got embarrassed by Alabama last week. Georgia only loses big games. Tennessee is not a big game, especially this year. Have you see how Butch Jones is butchering that offense?!

Berkelium97: (Georgia) Like Jim Mora, Mark Richt always has a couple no-shows each year. The Bulldogs will bounce back from last week's loss against a Tennessee team that has a bad habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


Pick one of 9 double digit underdogs to straight up win this weekend. A right choice gets THREE points. However, one can play it safe by picking "None of the above" and get 1 point if all 9 favorites win.

South Carolina (previously home game, now road game @ #7 LSU. However, no one picked them anyway)
Illionis (@ #22 Iowa)
Iowa State (@ Texas Tech)
Navy (@ #15 Notre Dame)
Arkansas (@ #8 Alabama)
Colorado State (@ #25 Boise State)
Kansas State (vs. #2 TCU)
Miami (@ #12 Florida State)
Rutgers (vs. #4 Michigan State)
All 9 favorites win

Miami is a popular choice for a potential upset. We also got Navy and Illinois up there. Two have played it safe. Last week, all the favorites I listed won.

Nik Jam: (Illinois) Just impressing my friend that's an Illinois alum. Same one I wrote in a CGB Roundtable that threatened to buy a Wazzu jersey if they won at her first Cal FB game. #notpetty #notcreepy

PerryScope: (Miami) If Dalvin Cook can't play for the Noles than I think this game is up for grabs. Everett Golson has not been terrific so far and without Cook it might be hard for him to get into a rhythm. Also rivalry game makes things much tougher.

Ruey Yen: (Miami) It gives me a reason to watch the other marquee game of the week.

KWBears: (Miami) FSU is a decent team that is still riding on its prior reputation and a week ACC this year. They are due for a loss, and probably fairly soon at that. This intra-state match-up is always great.

Berkelium97: (Navy) Navy-ND has been a close game the past couple seasons. With Notre Dame's mounting injuries and a possible hangover from last week's tough loss, they're the most vulnerable team here.


Have a good weekend everyone! (And Thursday... and Friday) Hope for some big upsets, including one by a certain Cal team, and see how the Pac-12 and FBS shake up!