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Cal at Utah injury report: Daniel Lasco healthy, Brian Farley & DeVante Wilson practicing

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Plus press conference videos.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Cal running back Daniel Lasco practiced fully and says he has no pain in his hip, but just needs the mental reps to get back in action. Jeff Faraudo:

"I'm kind of aggravated with it a little bit. It's all in my head. I know it's 100 percent, or very close to it. I just have to trust in the process and trust in the training staff and strength staff and believe they're going to get me right."

Lasco says he's experiencing tightness but no pain. But the tightness might be holding him back from fully breaking out.

Sonny Dykes indicated positive developments on every injury front.

  • Starting defensive tackle Mustafa Jalil has been getting limited reps last week and sat out Washington? Sonny believes he's good to go.
  • Starting defensive end DeVante Wilson sat out the Washington State game. Sonny says he's practicing fully right now.
  • Starting left tackle Brian Farley is also practicing after missing the Wazzu game.
  • Running back Khalfani Muhammad and defensive end Kyle Kragen are fine after dealing with injuries from the Washington State game in the second half .
Here are the various press conference videos.

Head coach Sonny Dykes

  • I'm excited to play this weekend. I like where our program is right now, and Utah is a great football team.
  • They (Utah) have a different approach offensively than other teams we've played. They do a good job staying ahead of the chains.
  • We've got to do a good job defensively on first downs, and we have to create turnovers. That trend needs to continue come Saturday.
  • The things we've always stressed to our students is to focus on what we can control--work hard, go to class, train hard in the offseason.
  • Utah has a lot of different weapons. That's the sign of a good team--when they don't just depend on one player.
  • You work hard to get yourself in a position to play in these (big/hyped) ball games, & hope you're good enough to find a way to win.

Wide receiver Bryce Treggs

  • We'll be successful if we play our best game. Utah isn't a team that is going to beat themselves.
  • We were in positions to win a lot of games last year, but we weren't a mature team. This year- we find a way to win those game.
  • On need for a run game: "Their safeties play really deep, so if we get those safeties to insert to run fits, that'll open up".
  • On the students: "We were irrelevant, so it's good to see the student body get involved."
  • On Lasco: "Lasco is one of the best leaders on this team."

Defensive back Stefan McClure

  • We're approaching every game like it's the biggest game on the schedule. We'll work and grind all week.
  • The atmosphere around this program is really exciting. We haven't been this good in a while. No secret to success- just hard work.
  • We have to continue to play fast as a defense and be in the right spot. Get 11 guys to the ball and force some turnovers.
  • They (Utah) are a very balanced team, so you have to practice and prepare for a lot of things. They have a lot of solid athletes, too.
  • On Goff: He's a great leader and holds himself to a high standard, in and out of the season. It's great to see him thriving. We joke: They're going to start inventing records for you, Jared. First guy to throw a TD with his chinstrap unbuckled.
  • We try not to pay attention to the hype and praise, we just focus on what we can control. We're on to the next game now.