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Cal vs. WSU press conference video & quotes


Head coach Sonny Dykes:

On the defense: I thought defensively we played lights out in the fourth quarter, getting stops when we needed to and turnovers.

On the onside kick: We felt like we had it. That's a hard kick to was something that was there and we felt like it was the right time to call it. We felt like at that point we had a little bit of momentum & that could be a thing to change the tide of the game.

On Damariay Drew: I'm just really proud of him. He's really matured. I'm proud of who he is...he's playing lights out for us. He looks like a missile out there playing.

On Utah: I told our players afterward, what's different about this game is that it's the next game. Our players know the deal. All of these are big games.

On turnovers: We're creating turnovers so well defensively & that's really why we're winning these ball games. We're winning the turnover battle every week.

On Goff & Lawler: They've spent a lot of time working together...they have kind of an unwritten language between the two of them...I think it comes down to confidence..Jared's got confidence in Kenny. He's not afraid to throw the ball up & count on Kenny to make the play.

Quarterback Jared Goff

Goff on his defense: "They are playing so well right now. I don't anticipate it slowing down for them...They are so experienced. They've been through everything. They have the biggest chip on their shoulder from everything we've gone through."

On concerns with the run game: I'm not concerned at all. Vic (Enwere) had a 40-yard gain that probably won us the game right there.

On Lawler's heroics: No. Nothing. That one-handed catch, I've seen it 100 times. The back shoulder catch, 500 times.

On the Enwere run: What they were doing defensively, it was going to be hard to get a pass from that, so we decided to run it. He was able to keep his balance like no one I've ever seen before...I think that was one of the deciding factors in us winning the game.

Damariay Drew and Stefan McClure video and quotes:

McClure on forced fumble touchdown: When I saw the ball on the ground, I was thinking I could make the play. Just scoop and score. It's a great feeling to have the opportunity to make a play for your team.

McClure on defense playing with a chip on their shoulder: We're trying to write our own script. Last year's defense is last year's defense. They're not going to make a play for us.

McClure on sack: Our coach always gets on us about having to blitz our back...the hole opened up and I thought, "Man, I better not miss him because I'll never hear the end of it."

Drew on being back with the team this year: The biggest thing for me is that I told my mom I was going to get my degree from here. I wanted to finish what I started. I wanted to be back. This was my dream school.

Daniel Lasco and Vic Enwere video and quotes:

Enwere on his 42 yard rush: The offensive line just blocked well. They gave me a hole and they gave me an opportunity.

Enwere on 4th quarter confidence: Being down in the 4th quarter has shown us we can keep the team together...It's helped us early on having close games. You're gonna have games that are close, you're gonna have blowouts and you're going to have to come from behind.I almost forgot about that...It just happened so fast. I just work my technique. Your technique is your craft.

Lasco on Utah: It's going to be a great test to see where this team is. We're going to have the best week of practice I'll ever see being here....I know that...But it's just another football team...anybody can be beat on any given day.

James Looney video and quotes

On defensive improvement: We have a real old team. Kyle Kragen, what an amazing guy. 2.5 sacks. Moose, another amazing guy. We've got a lot of components, we're just learning to finally put it together.

On motivation: We definitely had a chip on our shoulder. We posted (last year's opponents) passing yardage around the locker room. We've got a good group of guys. We worked hard over the summer and were determined to change the views of the defense. We wanted to change the outlook on us.

Kenny Lawler video and quotes

On one handed catch: I almost forgot about that...It just happened so fast. I just work my technique. Your technique is your craft. As a receiver, if you don't have any technique it's going to be hard to make catches and get yourself into position to make a catch. The DB happened to have my left arm wrapped up. I just stuck my hand out there.

On what he has to do to surprise Jared: I think I've tried it all...Jared is a great quarterback. He's gifted. He gets it done.

On what a Utah win would mean: Every week is the next step to being what we want to be as a program. We have to play 1 game at a time.