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Cal football rises to 22nd in the Coaches Poll, 23rd in AP Poll, drops in ESPN rankings

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Let's take a look at what we've got here.

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Cal was ranked 24th last week in the AP Poll and the Coaches Poll, and now they're moving on up. The Bears are now 22nd in the Coaches Poll and are up to 23rd in the AP Poll.

By beating the Washington State Cougars, the California Golden Bears ensured a top-25 matchup between two undefeated squads on Saturday night in Salt Lake City, as Utah stayed perched in the top 10 after their bye week. Utah moved up to 7th in the Coaches Poll and 5th in the AP Poll. Cal and Utah will be featured on College Gameday in a matchup of the two final undefeated teams in the Pac-12.

UCLA tumbled after losing to Arizona State to 20th in the AP & Coaches Poll, while Stanfurd continued to rise up to 16 (AP) & 18 (Coaches). USC was idle but rose nonetheless up to 17 in both polls after a week of tumultuous upsets in the Pac-12.

Cal dropped to 48th from 36th in Football Outsiders S&P+, mostly because the Bears have yet to play the toughest teams on their schedule. Still too early to tell how good or bad we are from that stat.

Below is the full top 25.

1 Ohio State (38)
2 TCU (5)
3 Baylor (10)
4 Michigan State
5 Utah (7)
6 Clemson
8 Alabama
9 Texas A&M (1)
10 Oklahoma
11 Florida
12 Florida State
13 Northwestern
14 Ole Miss
15 Notre Dame
16 Stanford
17 USC
18 Michigan
19 Georgia
21 Oklahoma State
22 Iowa
23 Cal
24 Toledo
25 Boise State

1 Ohio State (50)
2 TCU (4)
3 Michigan State (1)
4 Baylor (5)
5 LSU (1)
6 Clemson
7 Utah (1)
8 Florida State
9 Oklahoma
10 Alabama
11 Texas A&M
12 Florida
13 Ole Miss
14 Northwestern
15 Notre Dame
16 Georgia
17 USC
18 Stanford
19 Oklahoma State
21 Michigan
22 Cal
23 Iowa
24 Boise State
25 Memphis

ESPN also ranked Cal in their power poll, but have the Bears moving down from 22nd to 23rd. Utah is number one!