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College Gameday heads to Salt Lake City for Cal at Utah

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Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN has announced that College Gameday will be heading to Utah for next week's undefeated matchup with the Utes, as we all expected once this season started. It will be the first time Cal will be the featured College Gameday matchup since 2007, when Cal beat Oregon 31-24 in Autzen Stadium.

Cal is 5-0, as you know. Utah is 4-0 after some marquee wins to start the season against Michigan and capping it off with a destruction of Oregon. The Utes will be coming off a bye week and will be fresh and ready to go for this one. It will be one of the last potential matchups between unbeaten teams in the Pac-12 (with UCLA-Utah and Cal-UCLA being the only other potential ones).

College Gameday has never travelled to Berkeley. It will take a lot more wins for the Bears to try and make that happen this year.