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Cal fans, how much do you hate USC? Give us your feelings on the Trojans

What are your feelings on USC as a rival?

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Piotr T Le: As a Cal fan with UCLA affiliated family members and friends I do not like them.  They have decent academics, but their insistence on placing themselves in the same academic league as Cal or Stanford is laughable.

A.W. Johnston: Despise USC. Nearly as much as Stanfurd. I will admit, Sark added a lot to that and now that he is gone the fire has dwindled (a tiny, tiny bit).

KWBears:  U$C has our number.  I don't know if I call them a rival, but definitely a nemesis who seems to have their way anytime they play us.  During those Pete Carroll years, I always looked-up up to U$C as the Pac-10 standard bearer and always envied their success.

Nik Jam: I became a Cal fan in 2005, two years too late to see Cal's last win against USC. I keep hearing stories from fans who were at the 3OT win in 2003 and how great it felt. It's amazing that 10 years later I'm still waiting for my first win against USC as a fan, live or on TV. It's hard not to have animosity towards them. I still feel that Stanford is our main rival and don't get hyped up for SC games to the same extent (We don't have a "Big Game Week" for USC, after all). Until we beat them, I'm going to hate them. It's painful seeing everyone else, even Washington State and Oregon State, pull off upsets while we can't.

Keegan Dresow: From an ego perspective, I dislike placing "rival" status on a team that does not share the feeling.

Nick Kranz: It warms my heart to occasionally see USC fans wearing their 'Beat Cal' shirts with the C replaced with a hammer and sickle symbol. Those are throwbacks to the days when Jeff Tedford was somehow the only coach in the country that had even a prayer of giving USC a tough game, and as a consequence USC fans actually felt enough anything towards Cal to make a shirt. It sucks that we're now firmly entrenched in 4th place at best on USC fan's rivalry list. The only solution is to actually beat them. You'd think that USC has beaten us enough times in a row to finally start taking it for granted and play a lackadaisical game as a consequence. Perish the thought.

mpeters10: I do consider USC a rival. When i started following Cal in the early 2000s USC was the benchmark. They were the target if you wanted to go to the Rose Bowl. Stanford was a doormat and UCLA was ok, so USC (and Oregon from about 2005 on) were the two games I would look forward to the most. I compared our recruiting results to theirs and USC was the first game I'd look for when the schedule was released. It's the worst feeling watching us lose to them every season. It's only surpassed now by losing to Stanford every year. So, yes, USC is a rival to me, and a very big one. Probably second only to Stanford.

boomtho: I really, really don't like USC. In my interactions, their fanbase has been cocky, arrogant, and quite annoying. But more than that, it kills me that we just can't beat USC... no matter what seems to happen. A decade plus of pure one-sided dominance is damn annoying! I also think it's funny (in an "aww cute, that's adorable" kind of way) that they believe their academics are on par with ours.

Ruey Yen: I despise Stanford Athletics but I respect them. I despise USC Athletics. That's it. It is an entity that is the embodiment of what is wrong with college athletics, yet somehow even NCAA sanctions for that whole Reggie Bush fiasco was not able to dent their football dominance all that much. Ugh.

Just like how I expressed some soft spot for UCLA last week, I think all the time that I spent playing video games at Ackerman (UCLA union) in the late 90's while I was in high school has brainwashed me to hate USC. While I will always prefer beating Stanford over beating USC, I will never have any issue with USC any sports.