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Cal fans, was the UCLA loss an aberration, or signs of something worse?

Do you feel Cal just had a bad day against UCLA and will not play like that again? Or do you believe Cal has been showing signs of trouble?

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Piotr T Le: I think as long as we are unable to start hot and stay hot this will continue to be a systemic issue. We have enough talent and experience to be able to match-up against the best. I think it is the mental game of having everything fall together in the same spot that is hurting us. I think it is on the coaching staff to get the players mentally ready to go out guns blazing.

A.W Johnston: The worst part is we didn't have that bad of a day, particularly when you contrast yesterday against the Utah game. UCLA played extremely well, especially defensively, but if we continually fail to give Jared time in the pocket we will struggle for the rest of the season.

KWBears: Cal is most definitely seriously in trouble.  We are not a very good team.  We have some individual great players on offense.  But, our O-line is so bad that our offense doesn't have any time to start clicking - except for a miraculous play here and there.  Dykes and Franklin need to figure-out ways to mask this major, major deficiency.  If they can figure that out this season with this lackluster lineup of guys, then they deserve that extension.

Nik Jam: This team has the potential to rebound against USC, but I would think this is a sign of things to come against the big names like USC and Stanford, sadly. The offensive line has been consistently poor this season, and our defense showed shades of 2014, and if they do it again next week it could be a long November.

Berkelium97: It's been over a month since the offense has achieved its potential.  I don't know what can explain what happened since the fourth quarter of the Texas game, but Goff has been missing deep throws that he regularly makes, the sure-handed Kenny Lawler has dropped passes, Bryce Treggs has disappeared, and Daniel Lasco has...well, I don't think anyone knows what happened to Lasco.

The Pac-12 is a strange, strange place and we cannot underestimate any opponent.  If we cannot fix these bizarro issues, we'll have a hard time getting more than six wins.  Cal is not as bad of a team as what we showed against UCLA, but we're not nearly as good as we were at the start of the season.

Keegan Dresow: Cal had a bad day, but UCLA is also very good.  Cal's "C" game is not yet good enough to beat good opponents - the program is not yet at that point.  We all know that the back end of the schedule is loaded.  Cal has to play B+/A- games in order to finish strong.

mpeters10: Clearly, Cal had a bad day, but I think it's definitely possible we lay another dud like this one. I'm a bit worried about a collapse, especially if we lose to USC and Oregon, as I'm not sure the team would respond well mentally to a four game losing streak. I think we'll at least make a bowl game, though, as there's almost no chance we'll lose to Oregon State, in my opinion.

boomtho: I think Cal will have a significantly tougher second half of the season (and could very well finish 1-5 in our last 6 games), but I actually don't think that would signify a collapse. I think instead it would point to the fact that this is a decent Cal team, certainly not a great one, that played a much tougher slate of opponents in the back half of the season.