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Cal opens as four point underdogs to USC, line climbs to six

Is this the year?

Harry How/Getty Images

For the bazillionth year in a row, the California Golden Bears are underdogs to the USC Trojans. Cal opened as four point underdogs to the USC Trojans and the line has been steadily climbing since then, currently up to six. It's a bit surprising the line opened that small but it's good to see Vegas has a decent amount of faith in the Bears.

Do I even need to go over the history of these two teams?

Okay, for the Trojan fans who are still reading...

Cal hasn't beat USC since their awesome triple overtime upset in 2003, finding all sorts of painful and exasperating ways to lose. In 2004, it was special teams. In 2005, it was not having an offense. In 2006, our top Pac-12 offense played its worst game of the season. In 2007, we couldn't stop the Trojans on the ground. In 2008, we couldn't move the football at all. In 2009, we couldn't throw a completion.  In 2010, we laid down and died. In 2011, we handed them the football over and over. In 2012, we ran into a wall in the red zone. In 2013, we created a red carpet to the end zone. In 2014, we didn't show up to the stadium until the second half.

USC is coming off an impressive win over Utah and might be righting the ship under interim head coach Clay Helton. But the Trojans are still plenty vulnerable at 4-3. The Bears should have their opportunities in this one.

Is this the year? God I hope so. I don't want to add another sentence to that paragraph next year.

Give us your thoughts on the line and the game!