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Watch Cal & UCLA band combine for Trojan War halftime show

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What are your thoughts on this performance?

Trojan band
Trojan band
Kyle Bonagura

Apparently the California Golden Bears marching band and the UCLA marching bands came together yesterday at halftime to do the Downfall to Troy show. It's a four year tradition (like the Olympics of UCLA band performances) to mock the origin story of the Trojans down in Westwood, so this year the Cal band was involved.

It was quite a unique show, mostly because of the fact that neither Cal nor UCLA were playing USC yesterday. But so it goes.

What I see here appears to be accurate to the tellings of the Illiad. There was indeed a Trojan horse that infiltrated the city walls and allowed the Greeks (Cal?) to sneak in and end the war. They skipped over the four decades part, but I'm sure fans will be able to retell the rest on Snapchat.

They even brought a horse!

What are your thoughts on this halftime show?