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Cal vs. UCLA quotes: Sonny Dykes defends Jared Goff being in game late, takes blame for fake punt

Postgame video!

Sonny Dykes

Dykes called for punter Harry Adolphus to run on fourth-and-10 from the Bears' 25-yard line, trailing 20-3 with six minutes left in the half. The English rugby player was stopped well short of the first down.

"Bad call on my part," Dykes said. "We had three to block one and we didn't get it done."

Everything happened fast for Adolphus, a veteran on the Cal rugby team but a first-year American football player.

"I had a read to make. I made the read and there was one guy coming at me. I looked good, and then they just had two guys come over the top," he said.

Asked if he was surprised to get the call to run the fake, Adolphus said, "I'm new to the game so I just do what I'm told. I'm in the right place at the right time, hopefully."

  • On the opponents: "You've got to give credit to UCLA. They came out after two losses and played a physical brand of football."
  • On what needs to be fixed: "We have a good football team, but we've got to get some things fixed."
  • On being prepared to play: "I thought our guys were fresh and excited to play, and clearly that wasn't the case. We didn't execute."
  • On failing to get interceptions: "We didn't do a good job getting off the field. We had opportunities to intercept, didn't make those plays. You HAVE to make those."
  • On execution: "We didn't play well tonight and that's not indicative of this team."
  • On why Goff was in the game late: "We can't expect our players to play hard for 60 minutes and then (the coaches) give up the last 2 minutes of the game."

  • On toughness: "We've tackled well this year, and we didn't play very physical on defense- or offense- tonight. We've got to get back to playing physical football."

Jared Goff

  • On slow starts: "We started too slow. That's something we'll have to fix."
  • On two bad games in a row: "We've gotten punched in the mouth two weeks in a row. It hurts. Two weeks in a row we haven't played well, and we need to fix that. We will- we'll be just fine."
  • On moving forward: "I can't lie to you, it hurts. But we'll respond and grow. We'll fix it- I'll promise you that. We'll be a different team next Saturday. We're not going to let this ruin our season. We just didn't play well tonight. We WILL be a different team next week."
  • On what made UCLA defense effective: "When you can't run the ball effectively, they just mixed it up, and once they stopped our run, they were able to drop 8 guys."

Stephen Anderson

  • "We just had an overall bad game. It hurts when it happens, but it happens from time to time."
  • On being a senior leader: "We have to make sure everyone is mentally prepared next week. As a senior it's my job to make sure everyone is mentally there next week."
  • "I'm going to make sure we come out better next week. It's as simple as that."
  • On coverage in the game: "They man'd us a lot, which leads to smaller windows for Jared, and with their pass rush, that created a lot of problems,"

Hardy Nickerson

  • On team's performance: "We're a better team than the way we played tonight. We'll watch the film to figure out what happened, but we're going to try and put this game behind us."
  • On losing in LA: "A lot of us are from Southern California, so this one hurt."
  • On not converting on turnover chances: "You always want to get takeaways when you can & we missed opportunities. You have to execute & make plays in those critical situations."
  • "We're going to get back to work, get hungry again. We're still a good team, a good D. We just missed opportunities."
  • On schematic issues: "We're a good team ... We had too many missed assignments and alignments."
  • On UCLA offense: "They ran a lot of combo plays."

Darius Allensworth

  • Every night isn't your night. That's cliche, but that's what happened. UCLA really took care of the ball.