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Cal football recruiting: Armani Rogers decommits, Bears offer JUCO QB Jérod Evans

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Could the Bears have a potential save recruit.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Cal will have to fill one extra spot in the 2015 recruiting class; quarterback Armani Rogers has reopened his recruitment. Don't expect him to return to the Bears as it's been long suspected that Rogers and Cal would eventually part ways.

Despite the loss of Rogers, Cal still has Max Gilliam all committed and signed up to come to the Bears this spring, so they will at least have one quarterback secure. But it remains a firm goal of the Bears to take two in this class.

To replace him, the Bears have a few options they have explored. They recently offered Tulane commit Jack Abraham, who is expected to make a visit sometime later this year. And earlier this week, they went for another potential dual-threat option in junior college quarterback Jérod Evans. This is the first major offer for the Trinity Valley CC quarterback from Athens, Texas (with another from UAB), and his highlights sure do jump out--particularly his ability to improvise in the open field and complete some nice looking routes.

What are your thoughts on the tape?