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Cal vs. UCLA pregame hype thread

Nearly two weeks, we have waited to take the field again.

Harry How/Getty Images

Nearly two weeks, we have waited to take the field again.

For twelve days, we have had nothing else to do but toil and stew in our own frustration, burning into our memories the mistakes that stole away a momentous, defining victory, hearing the belittling sneers creep out from inside of backhanded compliments.

We almost had them. There's nothing to be ashamed of. As if merely not getting blown out was a victory in itself.

You took the number five team to the final play, even after all the turnovers. And still came up short. Again.

Hence, the stewing, the toiling, the frustration, the anger, the disappointment, the waiting.

No more of that, tonight.

When we step on the field in Pasadena, the same 120 yards of green we hope to see again in January, we rise once more -- past defeat, past adversity, past doubt and disappointment, for Utah revealed to us the biggest, most weighing truth of all: that we can be great, if we choose to finally seize it, unafraid of the moment.

Even after what happened at Salt Lake City, the North remains very, very much up for grabs. Seizing it starts tonight.

Sure, the Bruins will feel the same as us, seeking to avenge two consecutive conference losses.

Our heart is stronger.

Watch us prove it.

We're coming. Expect us.