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Cal football press conference video: Sonny Dykes, Jared Goff, Stephen Anderson, Stefan McClure

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Quick updates from everyone.

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Sonny Dykes

  • On playing UCLA: Looking forward to playing a very talented football team, we will have our hands full. Our guys always enjoy playing other California schools. We've rested up, we've had a good week though, got a lot of work done.
  • On Thursday night schedule: "Monday is our academic day, we give them a day off to get away from football. With the mid week game we practiced this morning. It's challenging, we miss more class than we usually do and it's hard on the fans who like to travel to games. As a fan, I like Thursday night games because I actually get to watch them. It's like most things; there's good and bad, but it's just part of the deal."
  • On recovering from Utah: "It took us a little to get settled in against Utah, you have to go through something like that to learn from it, I think that this week our guys will handle it much better. Our team is much more at ease this week."
  • On respect: "Respect is earned and it isn't easily earned; at least the type of respect you want."
  • On Josh Rosen: "He's a unique talent, he has the ability to make all the throws; but what sets him apart is his confidence."
  • On UCLA injuries: "They've lost some good players, all 3 units of their defense have been effected. But they have good players & have depth. You hate for players like Myles Jack to get injured, it's bad for college football because he's a player you love to watch."
  • On Cameron Saffle: "We think he is going to help us win games down the stretch; his strength and suddenness gives us something different."
  • On Aaron Cochran: "Aaron just keeps getting better, it's exciting to see him get better week to week."
  • On the Bay Area: That's why you come to a place like Cal. You want to raise your kids here and grow could you not like living in the Bay Area?

Jared Goff

Stephen Anderson

  • On UCLA injuries: "The injuries won't make us play any less aggressively. They have a lot of talented athletes in their 2nd/3rd teams. I took note of the injuries, but I try not to pay attention to it."
  • On playing UCLA: "We take every game seriously, UCLA is always a big game because there are a lot of ties to that area on this team."
  • Is UCLA a more important game? "The mentality in practice wasn't any different for this game than any other game. We knew what we needed to correct & we corrected those."
  • On Thursday games: "Well it's mid-term season, I'm lucky that mine is a little later...being a 5th year, I am a vet and well adjusted."
  • On getting national respect: "In order to get the respect we deserve we just have to keep on winning."

Stefan McClure

  • On recovering from Utah: "We broke down the Utah film, learned from it and put that game behind us."
  • On Rosen: "He's young but he's done some things well, he reads defenses well and can get the ball down the field. When he has time he can throw guys open, he does some things well with his eyes that many young QBs don't do."
  • On Paul Perkins: "Reviewing the film on Booker and playing that game has prepared us for this game and for Perkins."
  • On Thursday night: It is a different routine, we have to change our practice schedule and we really have to balance our school work
  • On leading the nation in turnovers: We practice with an emphasis on getting the ball out every day. Any time we can get the ball back in our offense's hands we feel like we are doing our job and helping our team win.
  • On going on the road: The road games are so fun with this group, looking forward to hopefully getting another road win.
  • On Saffle: It's a tribute just to his hard work & work ethic that he can come in half way through the season and play.

Last week's pressers

Sonny Dykes

Cameron Walker

  • On defeat: "I think we (the defense) played well, but we lost so not it wasn't good enough. Could have helped the offense out a little more."
  • On the bye week: "As a competitor, you want to compete every week, but the bye week is good timing to give us an opportunity to regroup."
  • On McClure: "Stef out there makes all of us better. He's been a leader since day 1, a person you want to get behind and follow."
  • On recovering from that loss: "As a competitor, you want to compete every week, but the bye week is good timing to give us an opportunity to regroup."

Tre Watson

  • On Utah: "It was definitely a humbling experience. We were getting a lot of hype and we don't want guys to get caught up in that."
  • On Goff: "He's definitely had a positive attitude (Goff). He has to be a leader and lead by example. You have to have a short memory at QB."
  • On the bye: "We definitely need the bye week. We've had a lot of games that we've had to fight until the end- our bodies definitely need the rest."