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CGB Fantasy Sports Midseason Update

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We celebrate the winner of our fantasy baseball league and check in on our college football pick 'em league.

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Because last weekend was our bye week, we have a shortage of real sports to talk about.  So let's do the next-best thing, talk about fantasy sports!

Fantasy Baseball

With the end of the MLB regular season, our marathon fantasy baseball league finally came to an end.  Cod's Team defeated Uncle Sam's Bears to capture the title.  Congrats, Cod!  Despite leading the team for the entire season, the ambiguously named Team finished fourth after suffering an upset by Baren Juden, who spent most of the season in second.  605 Golden Bear beat Draft Dodgers to claim fifth place in the league.  Below is the breakdown of how the playoffs unfolded.

Of course, that doesn't capture all of the postseason action.  The two teams with the worst records battled to avoid the ignominious dishonor of finishing last.  Rally Cats defeated lEast Coast Bears to avoid a six-month offseason of shame.

Here are the final standings (and regular season records).

College Football Pick 'em

We're halfway through the Pick 'em season, but first place is hotly contested.  After last week we have a four-way tie for first with Probably Wrong (ed: nope, definitely not), cleancutmedia, btmatsu, and dbromon leading the way.  Despite maintaining a firm grip on last place in the CGB Pac-12 picks, I've managed to hold onto a top-ten spot in our pick 'em league.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Here are the top-15 participants:

To avoid bringing them great shame and embarrassment, we'll avoid mentioning the participants in the bottom 50 of the standings.  Better luck during the second half of the season!