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Cal vs. UCLA: How confident are you? Make your picks!

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What do you think about the Bruins?

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What are your thoughts on UCLA after the Stanford rout? Make your picks!

Nick Kranz: UCLA is in a weird spot. If you didn't know the score and looked only at the stats, you would conclude that UCLA's offense ran rampant. 506 yards at 7.7 yards a pop! That's elite stuff, particularly on the road against Stanford! But those stats don't include six penalties committed by the offense to go along with two interceptions.

What I'm trying to say is that the UCLA offense is scary if they can just get out of their own way. Stanford's defense isn't the world destroying unit of years past, but it's still solidly above average in the Pac-12, and UCLA made them look bad when they weren't self-sabotaging. We need to hope that either a) UCLA continues to be their own worst enemy or b) bad Josh Rosen shows up. If either happens, I'll be pleased.

As for the UCLA defense . . . they certainly aren't as good as Utah or UW, even before they lost starters at all three levels of the defense. That said, their strength is their secondary. This is a good chance to see strength on strength. Jared Goff will almost certainly have more time and be more comfortable in the pocket against UCLA's weaker pass rush. Can his receivers come open against Ismail Adams and company? Or will Goff be faced with tough decisions and throws on most pass plays?

KWBears:  I think UCLA is finally coming back down to Earth after the ASU and Furd losses.  They were an overhyped team in the preseason (which always seems to happen with the charismatic Mora at the helm) and still have a true freshman QB.  UCLA is definitely beatable.  The thing that I'm weary of right now is that UCLA is probably mad just getting whomped on national TV.  Coupled with them being at home next week, I think Cal is going to have to match them energy-wise in order to put up a real fight.

Nik Jam: UCLA looked really bad the last two weeks, but some of it might sadly be that Stanford is just really really good. No one should overlook UCLA next Thursday. They were a popular pick to win the Pac-12 South for a reason. They will be hungry after being humiliated on national TV.

On the other hand, Cal should be hungry as well after having to sit on a frustratingly close loss that featured six turnovers during a bye week. I think Goff will be looking for redemption. Plus, UCLA has some key injuries. Cal should be favored, but always expect trouble in Pasadena for the Bears.

Ruey Yen: I'm quite disappointed. I thought UCLA would help us by knocking down Stanford but no. On the other hand, UCLA does look quite vulnerable and I feel even more confident about this game than originally. It will still come down to a few executions of big plays. I like our chances, particularly if we face a bad Rosen, and think we would win by one score.

boomtho: I'm still worried - they have a lot of talent, and Stanford is on an incredible hot streak right now. I'm not discounting UCLA at all even though they lost big at Stanford.

Keegan Dresow: UCLA has talent and an offensive scheme that can put up points with efficiency.  They play with an aggressive attitude about finishing plays on both sides of the ball.  They have lost a bit of their "big boy" talent to injuries, but they are still a good team.  Stanford is looking more and more like a very good team.  UCLA remains a challenge for any opponent.