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Cal fans, do you consider our little brothers at UCLA rivals? Hate them? Love them?

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Rivals? Little brothers?

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What are your feelings on UCLA as a rival? Do you respect them, revile them, or not even think of them as a rival?

KWBears:  I definitely revile them.  When your mascot is literally a baby version of our mascot, you can't be taken seriously by us.  I believe Furd is our only "real" rival, and that's really from the academic/intelligence standpoint only.  I see UCLA as a rival because we're stuck in the same UC system with them and we have to keep reminding them that we're better at basically everything than them, but once again that's really from the academic/smarts side of things again.  In terms of sports, I don't have much to say because Cal can't really consistently beat them in any of the major sports.  But, compared to U$C, I admit that I always root for the Bruins instead.

Nik Jam: While I do not hate them as much as USC or Stanford, I do consider them a rival and look forward to playing them every year. They have our fight song, mascot and colors so it is like playing our baby brother and you always want to win against them, in any sport.

Ruey Yen: Yes, UCLA is a rival for Cal. They are no Stanford, but is right up there at the next tier along with USC (who I despise more). As much as they are a little sister school (my own little sister did go there), UCLA has been a model of how Cal athletics can be in terms of branding and overall success as a public school. Yes, they may be more popular and even have some people confused as to who is the premier public school in the state of California despite less Nobel prizes (or make more money despite no graduate degree...oh wait, I'm starting to confuse my answer with how I feel about my sister), but we are all a part of the UC family (love you, sis). They will always be known for stealing our fight song.

boomtho: I respect them a lot, and I think of them as our #2 rival after Stanford. They are a good school and they've had a lot of athletic success for a long time.

Keegan Dresow: I think of them more as a traditional opponent for Cal, which is fun in itself.  The games don't have a true rivalry feel to me, at least from watching in my living room.