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Cal football moves up to 19th in Coaches Poll, 20th in AP after beating up bye week

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The Golden Bears stay ranked.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The California Golden Bears did the best thing they could possibly do this week. They did absolutely nothing!

Cal rose a few spots in the new top 25 despite doing absolutely nothing. Northwestern, UCLA, Boise State, and Ole Miss tumbled, allowing Cal a chance to get some extra movement up the polls. The Bears were 23rd in the AP and the Coaches Poll last week, and they moved up to 19th in the Coaches Poll and 20th in the AP Poll.

The top 25 is becoming sparse of Pac-12 teams, as we're all the way down to three. Utah slowly ascends from 4 to 3 in the AP Poll, as they keep on winning football games. Stanford (ugh) was the team that made the biggest leap after an impressive national performance on Thursday, climbing to 11th in the Coaches Poll and 10th in the AP Poll. Here's to the Bears doing something similar this week!

UCLA tumbled out after getting wrecked by Stanford, dropping out to 28th in the AP Poll and. Arizona State is receiving a few votes after losing to Utah. USC is no longer receiving votes.

Coaches AP
1 Ohio State (45) Ohio State (28)
2 Baylor (12) Baylor (12)
3 TCU (4) Utah (16)
4 Michigan State TCU (3)
5 LSU (1) LSU (1)
6 Clemson Clemson (1)
7 Utah (1) Michigan State
8 Alabama Alabama
9 Florida State Florida State
10 Notre Dame Stanford
11 Stanford Notre Dame
12 Oklahoma State Iowa
13 Iowa Florida
14 Florida Oklahoma State
15 Oklahoma Texas A&M (T-15)
16 Texas A&M Michigan (T-15)
17 Memphis (T-17) Oklahoma
18 Michigan (T-17) Memphis
19 Cal Toledo
20 Toledo Cal
21 Duke Houson
22 Houston Temple
23 Ole Miss Duke
24 Temple Ole Miss
25 Georgia Pitt