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Cal football midseason negatives: Will the Bears put together a complete game?

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What can the Bears do to finish games this year?

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Piotr T Le: We still can't put together a consistent and complete game/team on the field. There is always something that doesn't work out, I still haven't seen a game since the 2012 UCLA game where all 3 phases of the game clicked at the same time. Offense has room to grow because we know they can be better. Mental errors are an issue right now. Lawler dropped two crucial passes in the game, one for an INT in the first drive and a sure TD.

Keegan Dresow: The offense has not quite lived up to expectations.  Last night they were undone by mistakes, but they have also not been as consistent as hoped for in previous games.  Often they have hit a rhythm for stretches of a game, which has been enough to win.  Nobody should expect them to hit their rhythm over the course of every game.  But I assume that their internal goal for the remainder of the season is to find that consistency.

Nik Jam: The Cal offense has committed way too many turnovers. Goff still has the tendency to fumble the ball when he is hit. The wide receivers have had some key drops. The running backs have had some key fumbles. They could cost us in big games (particuarly the Big Game) and could turn some of those "easy" games like Oregon State into nailbiters. If this is how they are in 2015, how will they be without Goff?

The Cal defense has turned a corner, as I said earlier, but is still giving up big plays. Utah's running back Booker is amazing, but he shouldn't have had his way with us like he did. No one should. We have to keep getting better and there's no guarantee that will happen.

Oh and, I'm still going to be nervous until Win #6 is official. I really don't want to enter Oregon State at 5-4. You never know how momentum can factor into that game.

KWBears: Our O-line is a disaster - I'm just going to keep saying it.  We need a better run game to setup the passing game.  Goff's play action becomes moot points if defenses are spying him all the time.  Honestly, Cal should be 6-0 right now and dreaming about roses.  But, we're entering the second half of the season searching for answers and still anxious about how we'll perform against top-tier teams.  Given that this is probably Goff's last 6 games in a Cal uniform (as well as some of our key veteran wideouts), I really want to see us capitalize on our offensive talent before they all head out of town.  We have to be aiming for the Rose Bowl right now.

Ruey Yen: The parity of the Pac is scary. While the Bears look to be good enough to beat everyone, we are also not that good to guarantee not losing to everyone. Pete Carroll's USC teams had shown how there is apparently a difference between playing good September/October ball vs. November/December. Our Golden Bears have not had that experience of playing and staying in the spotlight. Is the Cal D's improvement for real? How will the team deal with losing for the first time? There are plenty of questions that still need to be answered, the mentality of the team is my primary worry.