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Why has the Cal offense struggled to explode in 2015?

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Cal has yet to put distance between themselves and their major opponents this season. The Bears have been slow to start and finish games.

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The Cal offense has now struggled to play well in its last five games. What would you attribute as the main causes for these problems?

Piotr Le: I think offensive line is one of the problems, another one is the fact that Lasco hasn’t been able to remain on the field. I understand the injury but he just doesn’t seem to be able to get himself into game time sharpness. This really affects our blocking and check-down schemes because he is our best blocking RB and backfield RB. Another one is the fact that teams have a another year worth of tape on our guys in the system, each player has a tell like in poker so maybe the DC’s for other teams are learning them and exploiting them before we can adjust to those things.

Keegan Dresow: For this game, do we need to look beyond the interceptions and dropped passes?  There was no blame in terms of effort, and the players actually executed well until those moments.  The mistakes were surprising and inexplicable.  It is hard to know what to do when good, consistent players make surprising mistakes.  Was it difficulty in seeing the ball under the lights?  Did the altitude change the inflation level of the balls?  Did playing so much later than usual play a role?  Very hard to know.

Nik Jam: We knew coming into the year that the offensive line would be a liability and it turns out that is the case. Too many times Goff came under massive pressure and while he had been able to make magical plays this year, it finally resulted in some turnovers and bad throws. It would be great if the running backs can stop fumbling the ball. Muhammad, Enwere and Lasco with some big ones so far this year that kept the opponents in games.

KWBears: Our offensive line is not even remotely dominant. Therefore, Goff doesn't have a lot of time to throw and our running banks don't have many gaps to rush through. Football is all about the big uglies up front - all football fanatics know that. Dykes and his staff would be well served to recruit bigger, faster, stronger guys for the O-line. That's the only way we can set the game to our tempo.

Ruey Yen: Consistency remains an issue for the Cal offense, but these are just college kids. I think the hype surrounding the Bear Raid and how much the opponents have had time to prepare for it are both major reasons for the offense's struggle. Nevertheless, I'm confident that we can continue our steady improvement with more reps and peak at the right time (Big Game?) to close out the year strong.

Yes, the Cal O-line is only going to be so good (like everyone else has pointed out). However, with better timing play and Goff's knack for still making accurate throws despite being hit, I think the 2015 Bear Raid is capable of overcoming the suspect O-line.