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Cal football vs. Utah Report Card - Golden Linings

The game didn't quite end like it was supposed to, but there were plenty of things to be positive about and you folks weren't nearly as down on things as you could have been. So yay for newfound Golden-colored glasses! So let's take a look at what you thought about the loss to Utah.

It was THAT close.
It was THAT close.
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Berkelium97: I expected this to be an odd game for these report cards.  Despite a career-best game from Devontae Booker and a career-worst game from Jared Goff, we had a chance to win in the final minute. So how do we feel about this: uplifted by a near win on the road against a top-five opponent or angered by our incredible number of game-changing mistakes? Let's have a look.

Average Standard Deviation
Pass Offense .386 .197
Rush Offense .513 .176
Pass Defense .791 .151
Rush Defense .590 .212
Special Teams .686 .176
Coaching .707 .190
Overall .611 .173
Win Chance vs. UCLA 65.53% (+23.96) 19.03

Hit that print screen button, Cal fans.  This is a historic day in the Sonny Dykes era--pass defense earned the highest scores of the week by a large margin!  The Bears seemed to diagnose every pass play of the game as soon as the ball was snapped, as many plays were blown up for no gain or no yards after catch (except the playaction TD pass).  Our own passing game was equally poor, as Goff threw a career high 5 interceptions but still managed to toss 340 yards and 2 TDs.  Poor pass protection and several crucial drops by receivers further hurt the pass offense score.  We gave middling scores to the running game and decent scores to the run defense.  Most of Utah's run plays were met with immediate contact by the Bears, but that was not enough to stop Booker from looking like Marshawn Lynch out there.

In one of the most surprising aspects of the game, our special teams outplayed the conference's best special teams unit.  Kickoffs into the end zone (playing at 4000+ feet certainly helps), a booming punt from Adolphus, and our ability to stop Utah from executing its usual tricks on special teams propelled Tommerdahl's unit to a respectable score.

Despite the loss, our predictions of a win against UCLA have jumped by 24%.  Clearly our close loss to Utah isn't dampening our spirits.

Speaking of keeping spirits high, let's hand out some awards.  The Bears lost, so we will recognize the pessimists first.

Sonny Yikes!

Name Grade
1. ChairmanMeow 2.20 (31.4%)
2. crystallograbear 2.60 (37.1%)
2. Mitchgobears 2.60 (37.1%)
4. @seriouslyrick 3.00 (42.9%)
5. HydroTech 3.05 (43.6%)

ChairmanMeow and Mitchgobears make repeat appearances among the pessimists, while crystallograbear, @seriouslyrick (this time it's a twitter account that actually exists!) and CGB legend HydroTech fill out the top-five.  How someone with as lighthearted a name as ChairmanMeow has finished atop the pessimists multiple times is a mystery to me.

Sonny Delight

Name Grade
1. AlohaBear 5.75 (82.1%)
2. Bowlesman 5.65 (80.7%)
3. McOski 5.50 (78.6%)
4. OsoDeOro83 5.49 (78.4%)
5. Bowles Hall 5.40 (77.1%)

AlohaBear leads the way with another Sonny Delight appearance.  We have two Bowlesmen among the optimists in addition to McOski and OsoDeOro83.  What happened to eternal optimists FiatLux and Rocksanddirt this week?

The Voice of Reason

Name Deviation
1. GoldenBear77 .0575
2. ironiCALly .0647
3. Vol_Crush .0687
4. sup_doe_library .0711
5. aftersoberreflection .0740

GoldenBear77 leads the pack this week.  These deviations are a bit higher than usual, so you should all feel very fortunate to get awards this week.  Last week we had a former Gator earning a VoR award and this week we have a Vol? I am surprised by how reasonable you SEC folks are.  How appropriate is it that aftersoberreflection earned the Voice of Reason award this week?

Now let's take a look at your comments.  I bet they were particularly interesting this week.

Sam Fielder: The comments were much more positive this game than nearly any I can remember in the past 2 years. It's fun to see Cal fans really rally around this team and be less Old Blue-y.

GameDay Experience

sacman701: I like Utah's fight song. I don't like the UU logo they were wearing. One U looks better than two.

FrmrG8r: Jared Goff sh*ts the bed.


The odds of him being the weak link are zero.

We can beat anyone if we ever show up.


gumibears: Went to a korean bbq place in Oakland and started watching the game there. Rushed home and squirmed cause Cal was in this game all the way till the end.

crystallograbear: Why do they schedule games so late? I have a hard time believing that the East Coast is such an insignificant market for West Coast games that they wouldn't gain something from having all games start 2 hours earlier. That way if someone wants to watch an SEC game on the West Coast at 7 am, they can wake up early, but not ungodly-early, and the rest of us east-coasters can watch our games finish before midnight. I am sure that I lack the ability to properly judge what just happened because I should have been asleep a long time ago.

Bowlesman: We had the yips. I think the odds got into our heads. It was like the team itself did believe the win was possible, until the fourth quarter. What a game; what a team! We were in it to the end. Now, I am starting the think we should hope for more than two more wins for our season.

heyalumnigo: At a sports bar with the Portland alumni group. Watched the game on the big screen and the Dodgers game on my tablet.

Jacobs.: Half a bottle of wine was a distant memory before half time. Six shots later, I opened a bottle of whiskey. Liver regenerates, the heart does not.

GoldenliketheBear: I need a cardiologist at the bar at all times. Also, felt really good to get the whole bar chanting at once. Shout out to LA cal alumni who were at Busby's west. You guys are a great crew.

Bowles Hall: Terrific energy and, I must say, lack of paranoia and defeatism amongst Cal faithful

Auricursine: This time, the GF and I went to Busby's over in West L.A., and had a devil of a time trying to find a seat amongst Westside Old and Young Blues, Rutgers fans, 3 Wazzu fans, one Chicago Blackhawk fan, Dodger fans, soccer fans there for the CONCACAF cup game, and a group of Oregon fans who likely wanted to commit ritual suicide after losing as they did to the dread Pirate Leach...

But--while we couldn't have Ken Montgomery, the Westside did have former Cal yell leader Damon Moore, who was to my generation of Cal students our "Ken Montgomery" before there was a Ken Montgomery.

FiatLux: University of Utah is a really pretty setting... up in the hills above the city, it's really lovely. Nice little stadium, but i gotta be honest, it ain't all that in terms of being intimidating... it never influenced our play... It wasn't nearly as commercial as Memorial is, so that is nice. For the most part, really nice people (always a few exceptions). I even walked for about 5 minutes with a couple of the Utah players as I was heading to my car after the game and we had a great conversation... what makes life nice.

Rose Bowl Oski: If ESPN is going to feature Cal-Utah on Gameday, it makes no sense that they would schedule another game in just a three-hour window before it -- every game goes well beyond three hours these days. It's very annoying that they delayed an already late game, and then made us search for a tertiary channel so we could watch their "feature" game.

FiatSlug: Seating: my couch was comfy and afforded an excellent view of the HDTV screen.

Food: Mrs Slug made pizza and it was outstanding.

Drink: I had a pre-game martini while watching WSU defeat Oregon.

Other: restroom facilities were close by and there was no waiting. Canine companions were also close by and snuggly.

All-in-all, an outstanding experience, indeed.

boop90: Watched live at Pete's Tavern in SF, the crowd was RAUCOUS and awesome.

slims: We won the sign game. Utah fans brought some grammatically flawed weak sauce.

OaklandishBear: I really, really, REALLY wanted to go to the game, but adult responsibilities made the decision for me. So I did the next best thing and bought a new 65" TV to watch the game. Got to see all of those f'ing turnovers in 4K splendor. Great....

prd74: All of this winning has disrupted my weekly habits. Normally I just stick to looking at a couple of Cal Bear websites and the local news. This week I was checking out every college show on ESPN, reading every college blog, and even listening to college football podcasts. Everywhere there was Jared Goff and the Cal Bears. By Friday night I was a mess. I couldn't sleep and got to bed late. I woke up with a huge headache and was kind of useless all day. I imagine the Bears dealing with the media circus of this game had an even worse experience than I did. I'm disappointed by the outcome, but the future looks bright.

GoldenBear 77: This one hurt. It hurt bad enough that I took Sunday off from CAL football so I could at least get some perspective. It did not hurt in the Arizona, 2014 sense where we lose on a hail Mary. But because if we had just played OK, we would have won.

rollonyoubears111: Those Game Day signs kind of sucked. There were a lot of Goff /Cal insults that lacked any trace of intellect or thought. It was as though they went to the bathroom stalls of a SF Tenderloin dive bar and substituted random people's names for Cal/Goff. Heck, I would've appreciated any insult just as long as there was something to go on. Meh.

CoBears: Close enough to still undermine my longevity. How many Old Blues are we losing each week?

Every cloud has a Golden lining: And that Golden lining is that we no longer have to worry about going to the playoffs and missing the Rose Bowl. Actually, strike that. If our defense keeps up these types of performances and the offense finally lives up to it's potential, we could be in serious danger of winning the rest of our games and going to the CFP.

Pass Offense

sup_doe_library: Goff had a rough game, sure. But the OL had a worse game. Farley, in particular, was getting abused on the outside and as a result, Goff had a defender in his lap every dropback. The interior line also struggled with Utah's DT's and were basically physically overmatched at the LOS.

Compound that with our most reliable receivers not making plays--Lawler seemed to be way off his game, and Treggs was mostly invisible. Even on 3-5-Utah 21 pass wasn't quite where he was expecting it, but that play gets made 95% of the time by Treggs-Goff.

Every cloud has a Golden lining: Ok, let's work this out. So if Goff currently has 17 TDs and 9 INTs on the season, a 9:1 ratio would mean that he needs to throw 64 TDs over the last 7+ games, including a bowl or more. That works out to ~9 TDs per game, which basically means..


hardtobecalfan: expectedly weak pass protection against a wonderful utah D-line. unexpectedly weak performance by jared. mindbogglingly unexpected. also disappointed in ongoing problem with wide receiver drops.

miniCal: Goff was obviously off.. I think the combination of the intense pass-rush, good coverage and the nerves of the national spotlight got to him. In that millisecond that he has to decide weather to throw the ball away, take a sack or connect with his receiver, he made the wrong choice too many times... I think Utah was just a hair better than some of the defenses we've seen, and that was just enough to make these bad decisions. I'm optimistic that Goff will learn from this, and either throw the ball away or just take a sack.. (we may well have won if we had even 1 less interception)

GoldenBear 77: After Lawler let the first one go off his hands, I got the sense that Goff thought the entire game was on his back (the attention during the week probably contributed, but this appeared to push him over the edge). The positives, his team mates covered his back, and played tough to the end. That would not have happened either of the last two years.

napabear: Lots of Goff's INTs could be ascribed to pressure, but the one where he threw into double coverage deep in Utah territory immediately after Cal got a turnover was totally on him, and he was obviously forcing things.

Nor-cal Scott: FIVE interceptions. That's all that needs to be said. Goff's worst game ever. Granted, two were tips and not necessarily his fault but his decision making was questionable. I think he tried to put too much on his shoulders.

Old Bear 71: WR dropsies no good. Lawler needs to go back to one hand highlight reel catches. Forget two handed efforts.

Young_bear: Goff's 4th pick clearly hit the ground before the Utah defender had possession. Refs barely even reviewed it. Also, PI on the last play.

Vol_Crush: several weeks in a row with dropped passes: someone needs to tell Lawler that the thumbs should be out and not in to receive the ball! but it's the O-Line that is getting destroyed; pad level too high! Treggs...not much of a season from him so far!

80Bear: Expect better. Disappointing.

Run Offense

mallrat92204: We really miss a healthy Lasco. The rushing offense had a hard time getting going, but there was definitely parts in the 2nd half where it helped keep Utah's defense off balance and from teeing off on Goff.

aftersoberreflection: Tough to run without an OL. Gotta hold on to the ball!

Auricursine: Enwere continues to get handoffs and then get stuffed, although, as he did last week, he managed to break some runs late in the game.

KF ran well. But it's fun to watch him hit holes in a way that reminds me of Isi Sofele at his best, but then knowing that once he's in the clear, he turns from Sofele into Jahvid Best. But then KM disappeared...

That having been said, Tre Watson stepped right in. Iit might have been Tre Watson best game as a Bear. He appeared confident and quite fast.

As for Daniel Lasco, as I said last week, is he waiting for Judy Garland and a little rat dog to oil him up before he "feels better"? I honestly started wondering if he could still qualify for a RS season...

I married a Longhorn: I was surprised to see that we averaged 4.5 ypc. It seemed like a lot less than that because they just couldn't seem to get into a rhythm.

CALiforniALUM: Lasco needs to find his Tabasco.

dbromon: wish we would have try to push the run a little more after the passing game kept having trouble. As soon as we established the run game we went back to passing it.

DESIGNGUY: muhammed needed more touches

something is still wrong with lasco

justbear: Tre Watson was good.

Lasco needs to learn ball security. He's had issues all his career.

I wanted to see more run plays in the second half.

"than anyone can get into Cal": Ok, but would have liked to see the RBs break a 70 yard TD run or something.

Odd Oski: It would consistently pick up 2-4 yards so I guess it did its job.I think the Bears could have leaned on the run game a little more to relieve Goff of all that pressure.

Pass Defense

heyalumnigo: Except for the one long bomb I thought our pass D did really well. There were quite a few times we had a coverage sack or the QB had to pull the ball down and scramble.

lithiumsorbet: Can't complain - besides giving up that one TD pass, did a great job of forcing 3 and outs when they tried to pass. Probably one of their better performances.

Mephistopheles: Despite being a third year starter, Travis Wilson is probably the worst starting QB in the conference.

AlohaBear: Not tested a whole lot, but performed well.

sacman701: Very good for the most part. There was the one breakdown where we had single coverage deep and got burned, but if take out that play and the meaningless play at the end of the first half Utah had 83 yards on 24 throws and that doesn't even count the times Wilson was sacked or had to scramble. The rush was a factor again, coverage was generally good, and the safeties played well in space.

ChairmanMeow: 2 INTs. Impressive. They kept us in the game.

slaphancock: Majestic performance.

sf-gigantes: Excellent. This is such a refreshing turnaround over last year.

ballboy: Pass defense kept us in the game. Limited Wilson

sup_doe_library: Pass defense was excellent. Bothered Wilson all night, kept him off target and picked him off and put him into the turf. The Cal D looked excellent against the pass and made an efficient QB look shaky the entire game. Gotta give it up to Demariay Drew, was real physical/flying around out there.

OsoDeOro83: Vastly improved, inspired group of guys! Good pressure on Willingham kept him in check

Run Defense

Every cloud has a Golden lining: Devontae Booker is a damn fine running back but our defense did a solid job of earning a number of short-yardage gains. Good job hobbling their giraffe too.

CoBears: Um, we'll want to play what you call "run defense" in the future.

rollonyoubears111: Booker is an NFL back...probably won't be a starter as a rookie, but he is legit. Thank goodness they could stop him on some critical plays. Kaufman put our guys in good position to spy that baby giraffe. THIS is why we didn't lose by much more after 5+ turnovers.

hardtobecalfan: booker is shifty and trucked our guys a few times, but we also did a great job stopping wilson. we bent but did not break!

GoldenBear 77: A few key missed tackles, against a great running back, but generally solid.

OaklandishBear: I know Booker ran for a gazillion yards, but it seemed like the run defense was really, really good! Time and again they were placed in horrible situations by the turnovers and overall did a great job in limiting the damage. At the end of the day, we were in position to win only because of the D.

Nor-Cal Scott: Booker is a Money Lynch type; strong, bruising, and fast. And with Utah's balanced attack the LBs had to stay honest. Not a great game, but our tackling skills were bad. You cant bring Booker down tackling his above the numbers. And wrap up!

McOski: They had a rough day, but still did a solid job of stopping a great Ute running attack.

Old Bear 71: Great except for that guy, Booker.

FiatSlug: Booker was a beast. What else can I say? 222 yards is an outstanding performance and he was often getting another 2 or 3 yards after he was seemingly wrapped up. Having said that, the run defense also held Booker to a lot of short carries (under 3 yards) and generally bottled up the Utah offense. It's not their fault that Utah had a short field three times. It is to say that the offense is lucky the defense only gave up 17 points on six (6) turnovers, 5 in the first half alone.

Vol_Crush: not bad given the talent Booker is and definitely good enough to win the game. D was put in bad spots all game and performed well. Need to recruit a true middle backer however!!

ironiCALly: Booker is legit. Gave up a couple explosive plays, but overall consistently contained him better than expected.

mitchgobears: Tackle.

Special Teams

Bowles Hall: That missed field goal cost us the chance to go into overtime. That hurts so bad. Otherwise, good kicking and very good return coverage. Nice to see this area of the team so predictable and solid.

I married a Longhorn: It was good to see consistent kickoffs into the end zone even if they were altitude assisted. Utah wasn't able to pull of any trickery on us, so that's a good thing.

DESIGNGUY: missing that field goal wasn't good

1988goldenbear: Kickoffs were good all game, and coverage was adequate. Loved the punt by Adolphus. That missed FG was a killer, obviously.

justbear: Adolphus punt was genius. Leininger was very good.

Anderson continues to disappoint.

At least the kickoffs were good in the altitude.

"than anyone can get into Cal": OK. Realized why they had #38 Adolphus punt instead of Leninger, which also wears #16, therfore Goff and Leninger couldn't be on the field at the same time.

j.lee: our special teams outplayed what may be the best special teams unit in football in utah.

heyalumnigo: Loved putting the kicker out as a RB and having him take the snap. Guess there was no chance we were going to run the ball there.

FrmrG8r: Best all year.

sf-gigantes: Great kickoffs (perhaps aided by the thin air), and coverage looked much improved, especially against a phenomenal Utah special teams unit.


slaphancock: Pretty good throughout, though I'd like to see them not call that second WR screen on the same drive.

sacman701: They did a good job of keeping the team focused when they could have fallen apart, but I can't help but think we should have run the ball a bit more given how well we ran it and how poorly we threw it.

Aloha Bear: Solid. I really can't complain about any of the calls. Kept the team believing and competing even after all the turnovers which was huge.

gumibears: Decent play calls. Unfortunately, Utah coaching was a little bit better.

crystallograbear: I'm not really sure what to make of the coaching. It didn't seem like they were making any sort of adjustments to Utah's heavy-handedness on both offense (the run) and defense (their D-Line massacring our O-Line and Goff).

Odd Oski: I didn't really have any problems with the coaching. Well, maybe call some more runs because Utah would rush 4 and put everyone else back in coverage and Goff would have to play "Find-the-Window" with against 7 defenders and with a quickly closing pocket.

justbear: To have a chance to win against a #5 team on the road with 30 sec remaining, I've been impressed by the ability of coaches to prepare the team for today's game. Special teams coaching was good for the first time too.

c98: I think the game plan was there. I don't think we lost because of coaching, we lost because players whiffed some plays, altitude did what it does, and Utah is really, really good.

Jacobs.: Defense: Wow - that was amazing! My hat off to an excellent game plan and on almost surviving offense giving the ball away six times (almost seven!!!)

BRBLIEVR: You put this team in a position to win tonight. It just didn't go our way. I bet if we were to play this team again, say for the P12 championship, we beat them soundly, provided we eliminate the turnovers.

aftersoberreflectoin: No glaring weaknesses this week.

Overall Performance

sup_doe_library: Losses suck, but this is one of those losses where you have to tip your hat to a very good Utah defense, and you have to feel better about our defense's ability to win games for us. This is the 3rd game in a row where the defense was the unit putting us into a position to win.

If the offense could exit the locker room with the rest of the team at the start of the 1Q, we'll be sitting pretty through the rest of the schedule.

Every cloud has a Golden lining: A historically bad performance by our star quarterback and several offensive miscues, and we were still in position to win at the end of the game on the road against a top five team. One or two more breaks our way and we would've won. Play well and it's a convincing win.

CoBears: So disappointing. We came so unbelievably close to knocking off a national powerhouse.

rollonyoubears111: I'm proud of these guys despite the ugly, nerve stricken, game. They had grit. They had heart. NOW....let's smash those Bruins!

hardtobecalfan: unbelievable we gave up so many turnovers and still were only 21 yards from winning the game. i now fully believe in our D but am concerned about how our O has yet to put a great together since grambling st. i hope jared can shake this game off!

minical: It's always more painful to lose a close game than a blow out... It hurt because we could have won this, but despite what TV announcers always say 'there is no moral victory', there are moral victories. If you're only gauge is the W-L column you're missing out on realities, like knowing that we can run with one of the best teams in the country... If we can run with these guys we can go against any team out there…

Mr Unit 2: The last two years the team might have shown more "roll over" than "roll on, you Bears!" so I'm thrilled as a fan and thrilled for the kids putting this together.

prd74: Nobody expected us to go undefeated. We put up a good fight and though we lost, we look like a team on the verge of great things. The much need Bye is coming at just the right time.

napabear: Wow. Cut down on the mistakes and Cal could beat just about anybody. I'd say this is evidence that there is still room to grow, and they are still growing. Far from plateauing yet.

OaklandishBear: Frustrating that we played SO POORLY, and still in a position to win. The most optimistic I've ever felt after a loss. We CAN win out. Sure hope we do.

Nor-Cal Scott: For as bad as we played in certain areas we could have, and should have, won this game. I think we surprised a lot of people who expected Utah to blow us out. And if anyone says "moral victory" I'll punch them in the throat.

McOski: It was a gritty performance that showed this Cal Bear team has the talent, experience, and determination to play with the best teams in the country. That it was against the #5 team on the road makes it all the more impressive. The way we came up short at the end was pretty brutal, we had them on the ropes.

slims: This team looks primed to bounce back. I'm highly optimistic for the rest of Murderer's Row. We still control our Pac-12 destiny. Go Bears!

Old Bear 71: Gritty, gutsy, sturdy effort from our team. We're not undefeated, but we proved that the only team that can beat us is Cal ourselves.

OsoDeOro83: There was never any doubt about effort and heart. You could see it was there on every play. I got my money's worth and I was watching on TV!

You could see they wanted it badly and "the cookies were just sittin' on the counter"!!! Both teams really...Great entertainment on a national stage in spite of 9? turnovers? I lost count, really!!

FiatSlug: If we could say that Cal failed to put together a complete game through the Wazzu game, then the Utah game was a regression on offense and even further away from a complete game.

Even so, Cal was in a position to win this game in the final minute DESPITE turnovers and mistakes that would have crushed lesser teams.

In spite of the frustrating loss to Utah, I feel that the team is closer to putting together a complete game. The players need to get serious about this during practice and in the games to make this a reality. It can be done, and UCLA should be the first victim of the six teams remaining on Cal's 2015 schedule.


FiatLux: It was disappointing of course to not win and have the offence play like they did. But everyone really should watch the post game interview with Jared Goff [Embeded above]. It's a 5 minute seminar on what it is to be a leader... Friends, make no mistake about it, we are 5-1 going into the second half of the year and after watching this and talking with some of the players after the game last night, I couldn't be more excited for the 2nd half of the season. We'll take our bye week and then we're bringing it on v UC Los Angeles. This season is just getting going! GO BEARS!!!

Vol_Crush: The Bear did not quit, the Bear did not die!! Coach 'em up for FUCLA and the second half of season and their best football should be ahead of them.

Auricursine: The team was ultimately let down by uncharacteristic deflections and drops by the WRs, and, most importantly, by a junior QB with immaculate credentials who, nonetheless, played more like his 2013 version than the 2015 version. It didn't help that the O-Line was trying to stage its own Michael Bay movie by allowing Utah's D numerous chances to blow up Goff. The O-Line needs to up his game because it's becoming increasingly obvious that Goff can be pressured and harried, and, sadly, he will break. He did last night. :(

Still, there's an old line attributed to NFL HOFer Bobby Layne. Once asked about his team's play, Layne was said to have replied that he didn't lose games, he just ran out of time. Certainly, with two more plays last night, Goff might have done better than he did on 3rd and 4th down in that final drive. I would hope that now having come up empty against uclol and BYU last year, and now Utah, in do-or-die situations, Goff will figure out how to get over that hurdle.

Truthfully though, I was quite pleased by the team's effort last night. And, if we have only a limited karma supply, I didn't want it wasted against Utah, when I'd rather have wins against our true legacy rivals in the upcoming weeks. No one will remember this game if we can get at least one win against uclol, $C, or Oregon. This team seems primed to accomplish at least one of those--as long as it can finally find a way to put a complete game together.

It's a miracle that this hot rod of team, with it's V8 engine at the helm, has managed to accomplish what it has, using only 4 cylinders a lot of the time.

@BCBear: Not happy with the loss but certainly not destroyed. This is a very good Utah team and we still had a chance to win with a -3 turnover differential. They fought until the end unlike anything I've seen under Dykes, and I'm proud to be a fan of the Cal Bears.

It makes me feel more confident going forward with UCLA wounded and USC/Oregon reeling. I was legitimately afraid there was a chance we would lose out, but now I'm a believer.

AlohaBear: Oddly, this was our first loss and it was also the first game after which I felt confident about us going up against the cream of the PAC-12 in future games. Proud of this team!

Thanks to all of you who filled out report cards this week and we'll see you in a couple of weeks after we all take a week off, visit the cardiologist, and come back for more. GO BEARS!