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Associated Press mentions Sonny Dykes as a USC coaching candidate

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Let's take a quick look.

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First of all, I can't even believe we're talking about this, but here we are. The Associated Press mentioned Sonny Dykes as a potential coaching candidate for the possible USC vacancy this year.

Dykes loved the idea of getting into the Pac-12 a few years back, but the job he landed is a difficult one. The Bears have taken a step forward each of his three years at Berkeley and are a victory away from getting bowl eligible for the first time under Dykes, who at least explored other options after last season. Some USC supporters might think it would be beneath the program to hire the Cal coach.

Who knows if this is real or not, but it's clear that USC will have a wide coaching search like they did two years ago, and Dykes could be an attractive target along with a host of other major coaches.

Points in Sonny's favor.

  • USC hired Steve Sarkisian despite not having outstanding success at Washington (he never won more than eight games in 2013)
  • The Trojans want an offense that functions properly. Cal's offense has been a bit disappointing this season but has rarely had trouble cracking 30 points.
  • Sonny inherited a mess at Cal, endured an awful season, and has in two years turned them around to the point that they are legitimate contenders for a conference title.
  • Despite having not as much talent as USC, Cal is currently performing much better than USC on the field.


  • Sonny is not related at all to the USC family in ways Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian were. If the Trojans want someone with tradition, Dykes is not someone who would fit the bill.
  • Sonny still has not qualified for a bowl game at Cal. If Cal gets to nine or ten wins and competes for a conference title, it would give him more merits.
  • Dykes's recruiting prowess is still developing in California, but he probably doesn't have the roots in Los Angeles that many of his Pac-12 counterparts currently enjoy.
If Dykes proceeds to have a very successful season at Cal, the Golden Bears will have to be prepared to lock him down to an extension sooner rather than later. USC might not be likely to go after him, but there will be plenty of other programs in the hunt. We need to be ready.