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Was Cal losing to Utah a silver linings game or a missed opportunity?

What do you think?

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What are your feelings on the Utah loss? Are you more optimistic that the Bears had a chance to win despite their sloppy play, or are more pessimistic and view it as a missed opportunity?

Piotr Le: Interesting, now that I had a chance to sleep on it. I am encouraged. Utah has an elite defense full stop. Their D-line manhandled the Cal O-line especially late in the game while #15 locked down a Lawler the way I thought no FBS CB would be able to. Goff had his worst game since @Oregon in 2013, we gave up 6 possessions many of which on our own half… and we only lost by 6 with a chance to win on the 20 yard line. This is to show that our defense is really stepping up and it is up to the offense to find its mojo from last year.

I think that the team will be sad… up until they comeback to CMS and it is back to work. I love the maturity of this team right now, most teams after a 3rd or 4th INT would’ve just collapsed into self-pitying mass of anger and lack of discipline but we didn’t. We kept playing football as if the score was 00:00. We can build on this loss, we can learn because our team showed a true capacity to learn.

Keegan Dresow: One of the more frustrating losses in recent memory.  Cal turned the ball over 6 times, had numerous drops, and still had a chance to win the game at the end.  I am optimistic that they had a chance to win despite this sloppy play, and also view the game as a missed opportunity.  Neither team was perfect, but Cal's defense played a winning game.  The coaches did a great job of keeping them in the game despite the mistakes, and the offense moved the ball well at times...but the offensive mistakes were overwhelming.

Nik Jam: I don't believe in moral victories. It was great to see the team fight through four quarters and have a chance to overcome all their mistakes and win the game. The fact that they hung tough with Utah bodes well for the future, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee good will come out of it. I don't want to assume that we'll have a great year because the team could let the drops and interceptions get to them.

KWBears: This loss was most definitely a missed opportunity - there's no way around that fact.  Utah did not show-up as a Top 5 team and we had so many chances to make them pay for that.  Our defense was dare-I-say pretty darn great.  Devontae Booker cannot be stopped, so I don't see our failure to stop the rush as a big deal.  Our O-line was a disaster and left Goff on his back way too many times.  Our wideouts were equally lethargic - come on guys!

Ruey Yen: No doubt this Utah game was a huge opportunity missed; however, I think I speak for a lot of the Cal fans when I said that I would not have been that surprised had the Bears got exposed and blown out. The fact that we had the shot to win late in the game speaks volume to competitive this Cal team can be. Getting way way way ahead of myself, I want to see Jared Goff and his receivers redeem themselves on December 5th at a much more friendlier Bear Territory of Santa Clara. Yes, getting there would require quite a bit of work, but we still control our own destiny and this team has shown that they are not afraid of hostile territory with the wins in Austin, Seattle in addition to this near-victory.