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Cal football podcast episode 7: Listen to the California Golden Bearcast!

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After a tough loss against Utah, Rob and I commiserated in the form of a podcast. Episode 7 is here for all you devotees and those of you who are less devoted.

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Things we talked about:

  • The loss to Utah and our take on the Goff interceptions
  • Devontae Booker: Great running back or greatest running back?
  • Standouts on defense: Kyle Kragen and Cameron Walker especially
  • Who needs to step up after the bye week
  • What needs reassessing at this point in the season
  • The remaining slate of Pac-12 games
  • "the Falkano" Luke Falk and the River (Cracraft) that he runs into
  • General laughing at USC (before either of us heard that Sark was taking a leave of absence)
  • Improved strength of schedule!
  • And a potential special future guest for our podcast!

So stay tuned for more, and Go Bears!