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USC coach Steve Sarkisian to take leave of absence, Clay Helton the interim head coach

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Expect to face Helton against Cal.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The turmoil continues at USC. Steve Sarkisian will not be with the Trojan football program for the foreseeable future. USC has asked Sark to take a leave of absence to deal with his personal issues. Offensive coordinator Clay Helton has taken over as the new interim coach.

Classic USC. Sark gets drunk before season at a public event, embarrassing himself and the community. What does Pat Haden do? They let him keep one of the most demanding sports jobs out there in the hopes that he'll maintain sobriety during the most critical part of his coaching tenure.

Geniuses. I cannot imagine Haden will be at USC much longer.

I actually feel more uncomfortable about the USC game now. Clay Helton probably isn't the coach of the future, but he is a great playcaller and might now go on an Ed Orgeron streak with the Trojans. USC tends to get motivated when it's "us against the world", so we'll see how this goes.

Cal plays USC on Halloween, so I'd guess we'll be facing Helton.

Your thoughts on all of this?